Why does Gordon Ramsay wear his pants for his son?

TV chef Gordon Ramsay misses his son Jack, who is attending university. He wears his pants to compensate for the absence of the child under the roof of his father’s house.

Ramsay, 52, thinks it is great to use the clothes of the person who left. It helps to relieve boredom and melancholy from the fact that he is not there.

Gordon and his wife Tana raised four children: 20-year-old Megan, 18-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 16-year-old Matilda. He is wearing the pants of his only son, who went to study at the University of Exeter.

Gordon Ramsay Telepixer

Gordon Ramsay restaurateur

“Recently I went up the stairs to Jack’s bedroom, opened the door,” says Ramsay. – There were his socks, trousers. In five minutes I was already walking around in all this. We are the same size. All my clothes were washed … I just put them on, sat down on the bed and thought, “I miss you as hell, son.” Seriously!

Gordon was ready for his child to leave home. But it was hard to get through it morally.

“It was incredibly difficult,” he admits. – I spent the whole summer with Jack, swam every day, knew that this moment would come. I was very upset. We had 20 minutes to unload the car and drag our things into a tiny apartment that looked like a prison cell. It seemed to me that I had been gutted alive. We unpacked all these things and had to say goodbye. I was broken, returned to the car in complete confusion of feelings.

Jack’s twin sister chose a university closer to home.

Gordon Ramsay family
Gordon Ramsay family

Gordon Ramsay with children and wife

Gordon Ramsay with twins

Gordon Ramsay with his daughter and son

– Holly went to university in London, she even moved there to live, – says Gordon. – I asked her why she left. She replies: “Peace, tranquility. I can return home at 4 am and not bump into questions about where I was at such a time. “

The youngest Matilda is the only child of Ramsay who stayed with her parents.

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