10 stylish ways to wear a white shirt

We are all familiar with the lists of basic wardrobe items that the Internet is literally full of: sturdy jeans, perfect pumps, a classic straight jacket and, of course, a white shirt. By themselves, these things are boring to tears, so to collect at least some interesting image with them, you need not hefty imagination, invention and observation. Colady magazine’s personal stylist Yulia Morekhodova told about how to wear a white shirt no worse than the first ladies and fashion bloggers do.

Your personal white

Every girl who treats herself with due attention knows which shade of white suits her best. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from: the color of undyed wool, linen, alibaster, beige, pearl, ivory and so on.

But boiling white is the best solution only for those who have a snow-white smile and the whites of the eyes of the same color. In other cases, a pure white shirt can play a cruel joke: it will emphasize the unwanted yellowness of the tooth enamel, give out fatigue, and show blood vessels on the whites of the eyes. Therefore, going to the store, be vigilant and carefully observe how your appearance changes in a particular shade of white.

Shirt + jeans

The easiest way to look stylish in a white shirt is to pair it with jeans. The secret of such an outfit, which is used by all fashion bloggers and models, is in two things: firstly, in the loose cut of the shirt itself (it should be as if borrowed from a boyfriend), and secondly, in a casual manner of wearing – just unbutton a couple of buttons , show your collarbones, roll up your sleeves, tuck one shelf into your belt. Elegant graceful pumps and chain necklaces, which are especially relevant now, will add an effect to the image.

Shirt + jeans2

Shirt + jeans

Shirt + jeans3

Shirt + bicycles

This summer outfit is perfect for those who never miss their yoga, stretching and Pilates workouts. Just throw a white shirt over your sports bra and bicycles, put on sneakers, grab a voluminous clutch that can hold a bottle of water and a cosmetic bag, add all the same chains as jewelry and, voila, after playing sports, you can even go on a date.

Shirt + bicycles

Shirt + dress in linen style

This option is literally made for summer parties. It gets chilly after sunset, so the shirt becomes not just an element of style, but also performs a utilitarian function. To prevent the figure from looking like a rough rectangle, grab the blouse with a thin chain belt. Support the femininity and sexuality of the outfit with graceful sandals with thin straps and a smart clutch.

Shirt + dress3

Shirt + dress2

Shirt + dress

With dress pants and bodysuit

Agree, wearing a laconic blouse and trousers just as simple in nature is boredom. It would seem that only a bright charismatic bag can save the day, but no: as soon as you let it out of your hands, your outfit will immediately lose all its charm. To prevent this from happening, just add another layer to the image by prying a top or bodysuit under the shirt. Then even in the absence of an interesting bag, say, a leopard clutch or an envelope with a raffia fringe, the image will not cease to be fascinating and attractive.

bodysuit 2


With a swimsuit

Probably the hottest way to wear a white shirt is to the beach. Again, use a free model in your bow: tuck the sleeves, show the collarbones, pick up the basket bag and you will have not only beautiful photos on Instagram, but also the reputation of a stylish thing that always knows how to look interesting and is able to fully reveal the potential of its wardrobe.

shirt + swimsuit2

shirt + swimsuit

Over turtleneck

This way of wearing a white shirt is great in the fall, when the summer season has long been closed. Warm and stylish, what can I say. By the way, we owe such combinatorics to women of fashion from the 70s. Now it is she who is inspired by designers when creating their collections. To create a stylish outfit and make the shirt and turtleneck friends with each other, keep an eye on the density of both things: the turtleneck should not be too thick, but soft, fluid and almost transparent, and the shirt, on the contrary, is more rigid than standard models of women’s blouses. It is in this combination that this multi-layered bow will turn out to be harmonious and interesting.

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

With cardigan

A cardigan is an absolute must-have for this and next season, so it’s a real crime not to have it in your wardrobe. And it will be even more criminal not to equip him with a white blouse. What will turn out in the end depends solely on the aesthetics and design of your knitwear: a diamond-colored cardigan will take the image into the preppy style or resemble the costume of English hunters of the Victorian era. A light cardigan with a characteristic dark edging and chains paired with a white shirt will make the look look like the masterpieces of the Chanel fashion house. A playful floral jersey, complemented by a soft white blouse, will indicate a decidedly romantic mood.

shirt + cardigan

With a suit

In order not to become like Lyudmila Prokofievna, the heroine of the cult Soviet film “Office Romance”, it is better to pair with a white shirt with loose-fitting colored suits – palazzo trousers or straight models with pinches at the belt, as well as an oversized jacket. It is then that the outfit will turn out to be interesting and stylish. If the elegant and unobtrusive colors of sage or tea tree are suitable for the warm season, then for a cooler season you can choose luxurious burgundy, indigo, cognac or bottle green.

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

10 fun ways to wear a white shirt as good as first ladies or fashion bloggers

With skin

Leather is a very comfortable and practical trend of the last few seasons. If in the summer it causes rather bewilderment how you can wear dense fabrics at +23 degrees, then in the fall our hands themselves reach for the skin or its substitutes: it is not blown out and is easily cleaned of dirty splashes. Well, paired with a white shirt, leather is almost the perfect companion. You can put a chunky-knit jumper on your shoulders, and we will get an almost catwalk version of the bow, where all possible textures and moods are gathered together.

With skin

With skin


And finally, a crazy option for the totally creative is to wear the shirt backwards. It turns out to be a kind of interesting almost designer model with a beautiful boat neckline and draperies on the front. But the owners of not too lush forms will be able to afford such liberty, since on the back of the product (which suddenly becomes the front), the cut does not imply undercut under the chest and other special volumes.


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