10 Ways To Find A Girlfriend For A Woman – Where Can You Find A Best Friend?

The best friend is sometimes the only person who can be trusted with the most intimate secrets. After all, the second half cannot tell everything, a mother may not understand her daughter in many ways, but her best friend will understand and support, because she is an ideal interlocutor, a good advisor and the most effective psychological help in one person. But what if you haven’t met such a person in your life? Despair and give up? In no case!

COLADY will tell you how and where to look for girlfriends for a woman.

10 ways to find a woman's best friend - guide to finding girlfriends to chat
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What are the reasons for not having a best friend?

  • Your modesty may be to blame. You are afraid to be the first to speak, to blurt out something superfluous, so you talk stiffly, and you are inactive in the conversation. You may simply be mistaken for a snob or uninteresting person. Therefore, be relaxed, sociable and friendly.
  • Perhaps the person has a bad temper. The girl is too cocky, touchy, or she is just an upstart or rude. And these qualities scare away all potential girlfriends, which makes a person lonely.
  • The girl just got used to her surroundings, and does not see people who would like to communicate with her, but are embarrassed to take the first step. It is worth looking around, suddenly there is already a soul mate nearby.
  • It often happens that there are a lot of friends and acquaintances., but there is no best friend with whom you can talk about everything, not just the weather. Then you need to take a closer look at your friends, perhaps there is a potential girlfriend among them.
  • Maybe a girl or woman recently moved to a new city, where she has not yet had time to acquire acquaintances. Then finding friends is only a matter of time.

8 tips for women who want to find a best friend from the psychologist Ekaterina Plasteeva

10 ways to find a woman's best friend - guide to finding girlfriends to chat
Ekaterina Plasteeva

What is a girlfriend for? It gives a greater sense of security. Of course, if she is tactful and does not replace family members, a psychologist. With her, you can discuss women’s issues, consult, support in issues in which only a woman can support.

  1. Write on a piece of paper absolutely all your wishes. Even looks. Character. Age. Hobbies … Amount of time for communication. Anything that matters.
  2. Write – you would like to look for a girlfriend yourself or for someone to help. For example, an agency.
  3. It is very important to advertise where you can write your wishes.
  4. If it does not fit in some important moments, do not rush to consent to contact. You think it will grow together. Rather, if the important thing is not enough, friendship will not grow together.
  5. Strictly follow the agreements when starting communication. This will build real friendships.
  6. Always be sincere, real. This is very valuable for friendship. Not hypocritical bending or other relationship games. Trust me, it will be great in a sincere relationship.
  7. If something went wrong, do not find fault with yourself, rather it is not the right person, leave.

What to do to find a girlfriend? Psychological advice

10 ways to find a woman's best friend - guide to finding girlfriends to chat
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  • To find a friend, you need to look for her at least, and not sit within four walls. Attend theme nights, clubs, exhibitions, willingly accept invitations to birthdays, corporate and other events.
  • If you find it difficult to start communicating for no reason, then go where no one knows you. Come to a new society and start a new life. Imagine yourself as a popular person who communicates very often, and act in an image.
  • To find a soul mate, and not just a person for empty communication, you need to build on your interests. Love handicrafts – look for like-minded people on hand-made portals, if you prefer Latin American dances and jazz – you need to go to a dance school.
  • In our high-tech time, the Internet comes to the aid of seekers, where you can get acquainted on special sites that unite single people. You can just correspond and make friends on the Internet, or you can transfer friendship into real life. Psychologists all over the world advise the latter, because by texting in ICQ or Skype, a person loses direct communication skills. It becomes difficult for him to look into the eyes during a conversation, he is constantly embarrassed, and cannot find the right words. Therefore, do not get carried away by the virtual worlds that the global network creates for us. Live in reality!
  • Bring back old friends. Even if earlier communication was overshadowed by various misunderstandings, you are still connected by a lot – long years of friendship, experienced troubles and warm moments of joy. Perhaps your friend no longer remembers the reasons for the conflict, but pride does not allow her to call first. Take the first step yourself!
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  • Do not impose on new acquaintances. You need to get acquainted as if you are just chatting, and not diligently looking for a candidate for a friend.
  • Help unselfishly and just communicate. Not everyone will like the fact that they keep in touch with him only for the benefit, be it financial gain or the desire to bathe in the rays of his popularity. You don’t need to use people, you need to be friends with them!
  • Little raccoon in the cartoon of the same name sang: “Friendship begins with a smile.” Therefore, smile at all new and old acquaintances. Be nice and friendly.
  • Learn to listen. During the first communication, give the opportunity to speak to your new friend. In order to better understand whether you are suitable for each other or not, and in order to show respect for the interlocutor.

In conclusion, I would like to say that friends are different. With some you need to meet every day, rest and often call up so as not to lose spiritual closeness, but you can see others once every six months – and still remain close people. But anyway, you need to value your friends, look for and choose them carefully, and, having found – to take care and not to lose.

Do you have or have a best friend? Share with us in the comments!

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