13 popular men’s hobbies and female attitudes towards a man’s hobbies

Every man has his own hobbies – one gets away every weekend on a fishing trip, the second stuffs boats into bottles, the third cuts out with a jigsaw, and in between he jumps with a parachute. At first glance, all these hobbies, most of them, are completely harmless. But as life shows, many family boats go to the bottom because of men’s hobbies. What hobbies a man can be dangerous for a relationship, and what to do?

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Popular hobbies of men

13 most popular men’s hobbies and interests – what is your husband’s hobby?

Men’s hobbies can be roughly divided into several categories: harmless, threatening health, devastating the family budget, destroying relationships. Understanding the most popular hobbies and the level of danger …

  • Extreme “adrenaline” hobbies
    These include skydiving, rock climbing, auto racing, rafting on rough rivers in kayaks, etc. The level of financial danger for the family budget depends on the degree of passion (once a year on holidays or every weekend and “so that everything is of the highest standard, including equipment.”) Such hobbies can harm family happiness only in a few cases – if the spouse is constantly offended that she “was not taken with them again” and the bed will be cold, if too much money is spent, if the wife gets tired of sleepless nights near the phone (“is my dear alive there…”). Wife’s worries, it should be noted, are not unfounded – ribs, collarbones and legs are often broken.
  • Hunting
    Urban women are not always able to appreciate such a hobby. The very thought of a killed “animal” terrifying, and the gun has the right to hang on the wall only as a decorative element. Of course, there will be no peace in a house where the husband is a hunter and the wife is an ardent follower of Greenpeace.
  • Bath
    Quite harmless and even healthy “hobby” if a bath day once a month with friends does not turn into a bath weekend every week with many hours of “heats” and consequences in the form of the scent of other people’s perfume on your favorite stubble.
  • Fishing
    The hobby is harmless, relaxing and even stress-relieving, and many modern wives are happy to share this husband’s hobby. What could be better than a weekend by the river together with spouse, a quiet splash of oars, a fish on a fire … It’s another matter when a spouse goes fishing every weekend in “splendid isolation” or according to the scheme “fishing is for men”, and for some reason the gills of the fresh fish caught by him are not red, and ” hook “from time to time you have to soak in the local KVD.
  • Football
    This man’s passion cannot be overcome by anything. Even if you buy super-erotic lingerie and dance a strip-dance to your husband on the table, he will not notice you – “Well, football, Zin!” The hobby is classic and harmless. Unless, of course, the spouse does not fly with his team around the world. There are few options – to accept, start rooting for the team with him, find a hobby for yourself, so that it is not so sad.
  • Modeling
    That is, creation of boat models from scratch, cars, etc. Whatever the “child” is amused with, as they say. Harmless, not expensive, pacifying. Is the whole apartment littered? Give to your friends. Or sell (money is never superfluous).
  • Billiards
    Great way “Detente” for a man. Of course, few women will like the fact that her husband drives balls into pockets every evening after work in someone else’s company. But there is always a way out: a billiard table can be placed at home. And play with my husband (if space allows). If the husband fundamentally refuses such a purchase, and continues to disappear in the evenings, then the list of his hobbies has expanded significantly.
  • Cards
    This hobby can be harmless only in two cases: if a man plays cards in a friendly company on holidays or with his wife “for undressing”. In all other cases, unfortunately, cards lead to family impoverishment and divorce. And, regardless – on the Internet, “paint a pile” or at a real card table. Cards are addictive, losses are annoying, winnings give false hope. If the cards push the spouse out of real life, the result is always deplorable – parting.
  • Blogging, writing
    Do not take away such an outlet from your spouse. This hobby is usually does not bring any harm to the family. Writing is certainly addictive, and sometimes your husband has to carry your dinner plate straight to the computer, but it’s the perfect way to relieve stress, express emotions, share your thoughts with the world. If you are offended and annoyed, start your own blog or register on one of the literary sites. Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Programming
    Code Lovers is practically aliens… And if you married such an alien, then it is impossible to frighten you with red eyes, night “vigils” at the computer and enthusiastic stories about the new program.
  • Social networks, computer games
    In a word, virtual reality… If both spouses are absorbed in the virtual world, and coexist quite peacefully at the same time, everything is fine (for the time being, for the time being, of course). If the wife is forced to “cuckoo” in the real world alone, waiting for her spouse either from the next “shooter” or from the social network, then scandals are inevitable. Virtual reality can drag on so seriously that even a psychologist will not help. Therefore, it is better to immediately replace such a hobby with another – real and, preferably, joint.
  • Collecting
    Many articles have been written about the psychology of collectors. Collecting – passion and obsession, which can pass over time, develop into another passion or ruin to the ground. Does your husband collect matchbox labels or rare butterflies? There is no reason to worry. Collecting rare cars? If income allows – why not. Collecting rare items, emptying the already modest family treasury? It’s time to have a heart-to-heart talk. Collecting to the detriment of the family will sooner or later lead to quarrels.
  • Sport
    Healthy, useful, great hobby. If, of course, you do sports too, if you and your husband manage to have dinner together at least once a month, if this sport (for example, bodybuilding) does not interfere with your intimate life.
  • Cooking meals
    We can safely say that you and your husband are lucky. Because you will always be fed deliciously, you do not need to stand at the stove, but the stove itself is for your spouse much more interestingthan a bathhouse, hunting and fishing combined.

Popular hobbies of men

How to respond to men’s hobbies so that they do not destroy the family – advice for women

  • A man’s hobby is his testosterone. The joy experienced by a big “child” from his hobbies is necessary for his personal harmony and harmony in the family (we are, of course, talking about harmless hobbies that do not pose a real threat to the family). A hobby is also unloading the nervous system, which also benefits the sails of a family boat. And also a hobby is an increase in self-esteem, which contributes to career advancement and replenishment of the family treasury. Therefore, before you put the ultimatum “I or a hobby”, you should think – is it really bothering you personally.
  • Do you not like his extreme hobbies? Go with him – adrenaline for two always brings you closer. Doesn’t the extreme inspire you? Go on as his personal reporter. At the same time, add new interesting pictures to your family archive.
  • Each of his “trips” to the bathhouse or fishing trip makes you nervous? Is jealousy gnawing from the inside, undermining the foundation of your trust in your husband? Is it worth it to make a “judgment” to the husband in advance and inspire himself that “no matter how much wolf you feed …”? If your worries are based only on the clichés “Yes, we know why men go to the bathhouse and go fishing,” then it makes sense to think – is your love for your husband so strong if you allow yourself not to trust him.
  • Try to understand your husband and participate in his passion. It is unlikely that he will be against it. Suddenly you will like his hobby so much that you can share this joy for two. And the spouse will most likely like the role of “mentor”.
  • Don’t dwell on your spouse and his hobbies. Think about your hobbies. There is no need to sit at home and suffer alone while your husband “chops” paintball or scribbles detectives, locked in the kitchen – take care of yourself. Self-sufficiency always relieves a woman of unnecessary suspicions, fears and future family quarrels.
  • Don’t nag your husband every time when he returns from rest with his jealousy. If a man is “caught” day and night in treason, then sooner or later he will think – “We need to change at least once, tired of getting for what he did not do.”

Popular hobbies of men
And remember that from our female whims, hobbies and weaknesses men are also not always happy. But they endure. With all the disadvantages. Because they love.

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