16 store and folk remedies for moths that will rid wardrobes of it in 3 days

Fighting moths is a long process. There are over 30 species of moth, and each type of insect breeds very quickly. In addition, moths can eat not only food, but also things, clothes, carpets. You can get rid of moths with both folk and chemical means. Let’s consider the possible ways, the effect of which you will notice within 3 days.

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8 most effective home remedies for moths in closets

First of all, shake all the clothes, take them for a while on the balcony or outside. The larvae are afraid of light and fresh air, and run away to a new place. Then wash the “eaten” item at a high temperature. Then take care of the cabinet – wipe the walls with a wet rag.

Next, the following folk remedies will help you:

  1. Laundry soap. This product is available to everyone and is a great way to get rid of moths in the closet. The smell of soap will keep insects away. Adult butterflies will stop flying and lay new larvae. In a word, they will die out. Place the soap on the shelves, in the pockets of your clothes. There is a downside to this method – your clothes will smell like laundry soap.
  2. Citrus. Orange or lemon peels work wonders too. They will help you fight the harmful insect. The scent of fresh fruit will scare off adult butterflies that may fly into your new fur coat or coat. The pleasant aroma will not relieve the larvae, you will have to clean the clothes with other means.
  3. Essential oils. An effective way to get rid of insects is the essential oils of orange, eucalyptus, clove, mint, lavender and others. The oil can be dripped onto a shelf, or a whole open cone can be placed. The smell will scare off the moth, but not get rid of the larvae (this is a small drawback of the method).essential oils
  4. Garlic. Also, it will not get rid of the larvae, but it will noticeably scare away butterflies. Peeled cloves of garlic can be put on a shelf in a closet, or in clothes, if the smell will not bother you.
  5. Tobacco. There are two types – a live houseplant and dried shredded leaves. Both are effective in fighting moths. You just need to put the pot with the plant closer to the cabinet, or pour the smoking mixture into the saucer. The smell of both products will repel the insect.
  6. Geranium. Several geranium bushes will protect your home from moths, both from the wardrobe and from the kitchen. Geranium scares off adult insects with its smell.
  7. Dry herbs – lavender, wormwood, wild rosemary, St. John’s wort, tansy, mint, cloves, thyme, chamomile. Dry plants have a mild odor that repels moths. Gather the plants in a bunch, wrap in a cloth, or simply wrap them in a rag bag and then place them in the closet. The fight against insects will stop when the herbs stop smelling. We’ll have to change them to new ones quite often.
  8. Resinous pine chips, walnut, chestnut branches. Put them on the shelf in the closet and notice how nasty insects “run away” from there. This method is also effective, as the moth is afraid of any pungent odor.

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8 best store-bought moth repellents in closets – what do housewives choose?

It is difficult to get rid of moths only with the help of folk remedies that work only on adult insects. That is why you should know what chemicals will help get rid of the larvae.

We list the most effective and efficient anti-malaria drugs:

  1. Tablets. “Antimol” or “Desmol” – the same tools that are able to rid you of enemies in a quick time. The only difference between the drugs is that the effect of the first one will end at 3 weeks, and the duration of the second one is about 4 months. For about 1 cubic meter of cabinet, you will need 4-5 tablets. They should be wrapped in cheesecloth and laid out on the upper shelves so that the vapors of naphthalene and camphor, which are part of the funds, go down. The tablets will scare off adult butterflies, kill the larvae and prevent further reproduction.antimole
  2. Aerosols. The most common are the following means: “Raptor”, “Armol”, “Antimol”, “Difox”, “Combat”. You will burn clothes with an aerosol cleaner, the inner surfaces of the cabinet. The effect of the drugs is immediately noticeable. The effect lasts from 6 to 12 months, or until the first wash of things. There are aerosols based on herbal ingredients. That is why they are safe for animals and humans. With the help of a spray, you can get rid of not only butterflies, but also larvae.
  3. Sections. The product releases substances that repel insects and prevent their reproduction. Note that there can only be 1 section in the cabinet. The action of the remedies for moths Raptor, Mosquitall, Globol is directed specifically against larvae and eggs. They produce sections with different aromas of natural oils. Such a tool works for about 4-6 months.
  4. Plates. Means “Molemor” or “Prayer” are ready to save you from moths for six months. Special plates are made of polymer material, which is impregnated with special insecticidal substances. It is they who scare away and kill the moth and its larvae. To get rid of pests, place 1 plate on the top shelf of the cabinet.
  5. Cassette. Almost the same as the plates. Means under the names “Arsenal”, “Phytocide”, “Gela”, “Zitol” are also effective. Their validity is limited to 6 months. There is only one drawback – it is necessary to apply them by inserting them into the raptor.
  6. Liquid products. You can treat a fur coat with a product that is also intended for carpets. The solution is very effective on larvae and butterflies. The most common remedies are Mittox, Morimol, Foxid, Supromit. The effect of the drugs is 3-4 months. After processing the garment, it is advisable to wrap it in a protective cover.
  7. Gels “Raptor”, “Antimol”. The product is produced in special containers, which should be hung or spread over the cabinet. 1-2 containers are enough for one cabinet. The preparations are very effective because they contain vegetable oils such as lavender or cedar. The action of the gel is 2-5 years.raptor
  8. Moth cover. The cover is impregnated from the inside with substances that scare away butterflies and prevent larvae from appearing. When the cover is tightly closed, no one can get into a fur coat or coat for a long time. A cover from the Raptor company is now popular.

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