Clint Eastwood is not at all worried about age.

Although Clint Eastwood has been trading for the hundredth decade, it looks like the actor is still far from completing his Hollywood career. His directorial debut “Play me before I die” took place more than half a century ago.

And on September 17, 2021, his new film was released “Men’s tears” where Eastwood plays a retired rodeo star who needs to bring his former boss’s son to Texas from Mexico.

91-year-old Clint Eastwood is not at all worried about his age:
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Hollywood patriarch

Clint Eastwood is perhaps the oldest American to continue to make and star in films tirelessly.

The 91-year-old Hollywood patriarch himself is calm about his age and his creative heritage: “I don’t look the way I did when I was 20, so what? It just means that I can now play more interesting characters. “

With years of experience in filmmaking, Eastwood still claims that acting is a non-intellectual sport: “You don’t want to think too much about anything. You just want your game to look emotional. If you think too much about your hero, you will take him apart to the point where you stop liking him. You will generally forget what attracts you to him. “

In terms of future projects, Eastwood says he has no plans yet: “At the moment, nothing catches me. If a story appears that interests me, then I am open to it. “

There are practically no actors and directors like Eastwood left, but he admits that doubts about working at this age are beginning to torment him: Why the hell am I still working in my ninety? People will soon start throwing tomatoes at me. I got to the point where I wondered if it was time to end my career, but I was not yet ripe for such a decision. If I make a couple of bad films, I’ll leave. “

Nevertheless, Clint Eastwood, with his inherent humor, says that he is grateful to fate, “That he no longer works as a packer for the 37 cents an hour wage he did in his youth.”

91-year-old Clint Eastwood is not at all worried about his age:
Photo @ clinteastwoodfans01

“I think it’s still worth a try.”

The actor recalls his father and how hard he worked to support his family: “Throughout the Great Depression and the war, during the years of my growing up, my father took on everything. He worked at a gas station StandardOil in Los Angeles, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway. This gas station is no longer there, but I remember how my father told my mother when I was very young, how some ancient actor stopped by to get gas. I don’t know if dad wanted to be an actor or a singer. He had a good voice. He and another guy played at parties all the time, but it was just their hobby. “

Once, when Clint Eastwood confessed to his father that he wanted to drop out of college in order to fulfill his dream and become an actor, he told him: “Don’t get too hung up on this, or you might get very disappointed.” The young man then replied: “I think it’s still worth a try.”

Now Eastwood says: “But I always remember what could have been the other way around. And we must always remember our roots. It helps us to keep our feet firmly on the ground. “

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