Anfisa Chekhova admitted to a dangerous dependence on the social. networks

How often do you go to social media? Every day? Each hour? Every ten minutes? How much time do you spend there, studying your friends’ news, pictures, reading, viewing and liking? Someone devotes to social networks only no more than half an hour a day, and someone spends there day and night.

Domestic TV personality Anfisa Chekhova turned out to be one of those who cannot do without Instagram and spends a lot of time studying other people’s accounts. The star herself admitted this in her last post, and also told what such instantiation leads to.

Anfisa Chekhova
Photo @achekhova

Destructive habit

The last post of the famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova stunned many of her subscribers: instead of the usual pictures in chic dresses, bikinis or a photo of a cute dog, the star posted a huge exclamation mark, providing the picture with a long post. In it, she admitted that she suffers from a kind of addiction to social networks and can spend several hours a day on Instagram, even taking care of her account, and looking at extraneous photos and reading other people’s posts.

“I watched other people’s lives, voraciously read other people’s posts, looked at photos with dogs, then hung on an account with Chinese homemade products, then looked for and read memes, then I came across posts of my colleagues describing their incredible success, in the profession and in personal life…”

Anfisa Chekhova
Photo @achekhova

Anfisa admits that she often sins by comparing herself and her achievements with the achievements of her colleagues, and not in her favor. And the natural result of such a pastime in social networks for her was a spoiled mood, a feeling of weakness, moral exhaustion and signs of impending depression. According to Anfisa, this morning was the final point for her. She shared her experiences with a loved one, and he said very wise words to the TV presenter:

“Comparison is a thief of happiness! On Instagram, you see the best, but there is almost no real picture there! When you dive into Instagram, you are like in a submarine, disconnected from life, sometimes for 1-2 minutes, sometimes for 2 hours! This is part of your life, I know, but perhaps this part has already replaced your life? “

Anfisa Chekhova 3
Photo @achekhova

Realize and overcome

According to Anfisa, the first reaction to what was said was anger and irritation, and it was not easy to realize and accept the very fact of dependence. However, when understanding of the problem came, the star decided to unsubscribe from all friends and colleagues to whom she was subscribed, so that there was not even the temptation to look through other people’s pages and study the life of other people.

According to Anfisa, this is a temporary measure while she weaned herself from addiction. And the TV presenter reassured her loyal fans, promising to continue to share photos and videos from her life, which she now hopes to make richer and more vibrant.

Anfisa Chekhova 4
Photo @achekhova

The recognition of the star found a wide response among her subscribers: many admitted that they also spend a lot of time on social networks, while not feeling moral satisfaction from what they saw, but only getting upset and acquiring complexes. Perhaps, by her example, Anfisa will help other users to realize the problem and get rid of a dangerous addiction.

  • “Do you think so too?! 8 hours a day on Instagram doesn’t bring happiness. I’ve left him so many times, but this is a suitcase without a handle. And it’s hard to carry, and it’s a pity to leave “, – renitamore.
  • “I also put a restriction on the use of inst. For life really passes by, and envy of strangers swallows up “, – margari_ivanova.
  • “This is so familiar …”, – ulianka82_nikitina.

Social media addiction in one form or another is a fairly common problem for many modern stars. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Ariana Grande, Ashton Kutcher admit such weakness.

Some stars, such as Kendall Jenner, practice temporary rejection of networks, trying not to touch their gadgets for at least a few days.

Expert comments

maya makieva

From childhood we are taught to compare ourselves with other people. This is one of the stages of education, by the way, it is extremely necessary for the development of our personality.

And that’s when a small, and then an older child is told: “Look how Olya dresses quickly in the kindergarten” or “Watch how Denis plays football well”, “How Inna plays the piano beautifully” etc., the child involuntarily compares himself with these characters. At this moment, envy is born, and it starts at first only with the help of adults, and then automatically, since this skill turns into a habit, in my opinion, very harmful.

In general, I must say that a person needs envy in order to understand what he wants to get in life, what values ​​he has – it helps to create goals for the still unformed psyche of a little person. But this is one of the stages of development that harmonious and happy people leave in childhood, and in adult life, envy is replaced by analysis, self-acceptance, openness to the world and awareness. But most people still do not cope with this task and suffer from this bad habit at an already conscious age, as adults, and this greatly reduces a person’s self-esteem.

Think for yourself, your parents, educators, teachers tried to draw your attention to the achievements of other children not so that you would suffer and devalue your own merits and achievements. They just wanted to show that you are capable of more.

It is difficult to get rid of this habit, but it is quite possible if you regularly work on yourself. Anfisa Chekhova acted very wisely, refusing to view other people’s pages on Instagram, this should be the first step, and then it is worth rethinking yourself, your pros and cons, your abilities and weaknesses, and also reconsidering your goals and desires.

For example, since childhood you love to draw and would like to learn the technique of oil painting, so you can make it your goal and forget that you need to play the piano no worse than Inna, because it was your grandmother’s desire, but not yours. … Next, it is worth reviewing your achievements. Each person has accumulated a lot of them in his life, so you can make a list of them and supplement it every day for several months. Thus, the unconscious will be convinced of your value and self-esteem will increase automatically, but a person with high self-esteem cannot have a dependency.

Yes, and one more thing: Instagram is an opportunity not only to view other people’s pages and demonstrate their successes and compare them with others, who often do not correspond to the truth. First of all, it is a powerful tool for communication, for obtaining the necessary services or for offering your own. This is an opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things, and I sincerely wish you to use all the possibilities of social networks for pleasure and solving your problems, and not for empty worries about the fact that someone is better and not to comfort yourself that you are better.

dsc 4792

Everyone knows and understands that Internet addiction is bad. It’s true? However, we still continue to persistently flip through the news feed, view photos of celebrities, read jokes on the Internet, etc.

What is the danger? Avoiding objective reality. Yes, social media helps people pass the time and, in part, cope with stress. However, a prolonged departure into the world of gadgets entails a complete abstraction from the world and the people around it. An Internet addict literally loses touch with reality. Therefore, in the offline world it is difficult for him to navigate, make decisions.

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