Are athletes really getting faster, stronger and taller? TED lecture by David Epstein. Video.

Famous sports journalist David Epstein gave a mini-lecture as part of the TED project: “Are athletes really getting faster, stronger and taller?”

David Epstein is the author of a good book, The Athletic Gene, which is a fairly detailed study on the relationship between the contribution of genetics (heredity) and training to athletic performance.

Epstein now works for ProPublica. One of his latest high-profile investigations is a material about the use of doping and “gray technologies” by the famous American running coach Albert Salazar – we wrote about it HERE

I do not agree with Epstein on everything, and I will discuss with him a little later with pleasure. On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting facts and statistics in his speech. David raised a topic that was very burning. I advise everyone who is involved and interested in sports to listen to this short speech.

The lecture was published last year, but there was no Russian translation, and a good level of listening is not the most common skill in our sports environment, alas. There are minor inaccuracies in the translation, but, in general, they do not change the meaning and essence of the speech.

For those who know English well – here is the original:

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