Autumn outfit by Emily Ratajkowski: stylish and sexy

Famous model and aspiring actress Emily Ratajkowski was recently spotted on the streets of New York with her husband, producer Sebastian Beer-McClard. The couple walked casually in the company of their pet, a dog named Colombo.

The star, as always, looked great, choosing a stylish and fashionable look for a walk: a gray trouser suit, complemented by a brown top and large accessories. The outfit of the model looked elegant and at the same time sexy – just a godsend for those who want to look attractive without breaking the dress code and the rules of decency.

Autumn outfit by Emily Ratajkowski: stylish, bold and sensual

Autumn outfit by Emily Ratajkowski: stylish, bold and sensual

Model, actress and new street style icon

Emily Ratajkowski is a happy owner of an ideal figure: long legs, slender waist and appetizing shapes. Thanks to her spectacular appearance, the girl quickly achieved some success in the modeling business, becoming one of the most sought-after fashion models and lingerie models. Emily also tried herself in the field of cinematography, starring in such films as “Invisible”, “Gone Girl” and “Pretty Woman”.

Emily Ratajkowski

And Emily also boasts the title of a new street style icon: thanks to her ability to correctly highlight her dignity and create images that balance on the verge of sexuality and provocation, the star has acquired an army of female fans who closely observe her style and are inspired by the star’s bold outfits.

Emily Ratajkowski 2

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