Effective alternative methods of contraception. What helps and what doesn’t?

Surprisingly, despite the abundance of contraceptives offered by pharmacies, long-standing folk remedies continue to enjoy the interest of women. It is difficult to give an absolute explanation for this, given that the percentage of their effectiveness is very low.

How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy? An expert doctor is speaking.

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Douching with acidic solutions protects against pregnancy by only 40-50%

Due to the fact that the acidic environment has a paralyzing or even destructive effect on sperm, there is such a method of douching. Many women in the last century actively used it. The main ingredients are a liter of water, naturally boiled, and 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar (not essence!) Or half a teaspoon of citric acid.

The solution is used to wash the vagina in the first minutes (or even seconds) after intercourse. After all, nimble “tadpoles” very quickly move towards the cherished goal – the ovum. An acidic solution is indeed capable of stopping moving sperm, but the effectiveness of this method does not exceed 40-50%. Do not forget about the dangers of regular contact of the delicate mucous membrane of the vagina and its microflora with such solutions.

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Useless method of protection – douching with potassium permanganate

The explanation for this method is most likely this – if a weak manganese solution is a disinfectant for wounds or intestines, that is, it kills various microbes and bacteria, then, therefore, it has the same effect on male sperm cells.

It is only true that a strong jet is really capable of flushing sperm out, but nothing guarantees that individual active sperm are not hidden in the folds of the cervix until “better times”. The percentage of effectiveness here is approximately equal to that with the method of douching with acidic solutions.

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Lemon or soap is a surefire way to get erosion

Another method based on the incompatibility of semen cells with an acidic environment. The idea is to insert a lemon wedge or a tampon dipped in lemon juice into the vagina before intercourse. Even vaginal irrigation with lemon juice was practiced.

Along with a slice of lemon, some people also recommend a slice of laundry soap. Using such methods, just in case, you should be ready to get a burn of the mucous membrane with aggressive lemon or the occurrence of inflammation of the vagina up to erosion of the cervix.

Washing with urine does not prevent pregnancy

No matter how strange it may sound, there is such an opinion that it is only necessary to wash yourself with your own urine at the end of intercourse, and the woman is not threatened with pregnancy. The rationale for this ridiculous method is unclear. It is clear that there is nothing to say about pregnancy prevention in this case.

Love-making positions are not meant to prevent pregnancy.

Do you like changing positions? So it is argued that if ejaculation occurs at the moment when the woman is on top or in a standing position, then you do not have to worry about pregnancy. From the point of view of physics and the laws of attraction, there is a certain amount of common sense in this. However, no one told sperm about physics. Moreover, sperm is thrown out with such force that it is instantly near the cervix, even if there is a woman standing, even sitting, even lying.

The verdict is that if you use this method of protection for a healthy man and woman, then pregnancy will happen in the next cycles, that is, the effectiveness is equal or tends to zero.

Exposure to high temperatures – the Japanese method of protection

According to history, this method is originally from Japan. Its meaning is that a man takes a hot bath for 1 hour before lovemaking, as a result of which sperm die, not withstanding high temperatures for a long time. For the sake of fairness, the expediency of such a method can be noted. Indeed, even after the usual acute respiratory infections, accompanied by an increase in body temperature, the sperm counts of ordinary men are far from normal.

In this case, it takes at least 3 months to recover. In turn, the woman can take a hot bath after intercourse, which will prevent pregnancy. This is how many ancient peoples considered it. To enhance the effect, it is advised to pour 1 tbsp of boiling water in a liter. l. mustard powder and pour the mixture into the bath.

Making love every day will not prevent pregnancy.

It is very widely believed that if a man begins to exercise several times a day, then after a few days there will be no active sperm in his sperm suitable for fertilizing an egg. Maybe there is some truth here. It is not for nothing that couples wishing to conceive a child are even advised not to engage in 2-3 weeks before ovulation, so that the seminal fluid becomes concentrated. But even so, this method can hardly be called a means of protection. Although it is quite suitable for men with poor quality spermogram indicators. It is necessary to know that even in diluted semen there is always a certain amount of sperm.

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Breastfeeding is a contraceptive only after childbirth.

During the period of active breastfeeding, especially in the first months, ovulation does not really occur due to the actively produced hormone prolactin. Therefore, it is impossible to get pregnant. But as soon as the number of feedings decreases significantly, other hormones will immediately take dominant positions in the body and ordinary monthly cycles with ovulation and menstruation will begin. Therefore, one cannot strongly hope for such a method. There is a danger of fertilization of the first egg after childbirth.

Aspirin as a means of protection – dangerous experiments with health

It is advised to place an aspirin tablet in the vagina. In reality, those who tried this method often received such a strong local reaction that in the next few days there was absolutely no time for love and contraception. No wonder. After all, aspirin can even cause stomach ulcers.

It is at least foolish to protect yourself with such ineffective means purposefully, as you can harm your health or get an unplanned pregnancy. If, of course, there is no other choice, then it’s worth a try. And even it is worth combining several means at once. It’s better than nothing. And in an amicable way, preference should be given to modern methods that guarantee from 60 to 99% of the effectiveness of contraception.

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