Elsa Hosk shared her home birth experience

Blond blue-eyed model, catwalk star and face of Jacob & Co. Elsa Hosk recently became the mother of a beautiful daughter for the first time.

Just a few days after this event, the model wrote a very frank and honest essay in which she spoke in detail about her first childbirth experience.

Elsa Hosk
Photo @hoskelsa

Swimming pool and acupuncture

Model Elsa Hosk, who first became a mother on February 11, was quick to share her experience on social networks. On her Instagram page, the star published a very candid essay, supplementing it with a series of very bold photos taken a few weeks before giving birth.

In her essay, the model talked about why she decided on a home birth, how it happened, and who took part in this intimate process.

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Elsa Hosk 2
Photo @hoskelsa

According to Elsa, watching a documentary pushed her to the decision to give birth outside the hospital. “Childbirth as a business” which changed her idea of ​​having a baby. In addition, in medical institutions, she did not feel the necessary internal connection with the baby and therefore preferred to give birth at home.

Despite the thorough preparation, everything was not easy: the contractions began a few days before the due date and lasted two days, exhausting the expectant mother. Then it was decided to resort to the help of an acupuncturist. Childbirth took place in the water, in the pool with the participation of a midwife, doula, acupuncturist and husband Tom, who all this time supported the model.

Elsa Hosk 3
Photo @hoskelsa

“Confronting yourself”

In the essay, Elsa described not only the physiological process, but also the emotions she experienced at the time of childbirth and immediately after, openly and without embellishment, talking about her experiences, and how difficult it can be.

“Childbirth is really confronting yourself, your fears and doubts, and overcoming the other side. In those moments, I experienced the worst pain, fear and darkness than ever. I just felt like an animal. I gave up all thoughts about how I look and who thinks of me. I dropped my ego and my pride. I was only worried about the approach of my child. “

Elsa Hosk 4
Photo @hoskelsa

The model admitted that in the very first minutes after the birth of her daughter, along with pain and fatigue, she was overwhelmed with love, happiness and pride. The girl was born early in the morning, with the first rays of the sun. The model has already declassified the name of the newborn – she was named after Tuulikka Joan. In honor of both grandmothers.

Social media controversy

Elsa’s revelations and bold photographs sparked a strong reaction on social media. Most of the subscribers appreciated the frank story of the star and shared their stories and experiences during childbirth. And also many thanked the model for opening the eyes of those who are afraid of childbirth and are embarrassed to ask all the details.

  • “Thanks for sharing! You are a strong woman “, – michellebolin2020.
  • “Childbirth is one of the most difficult, but at the same time strong experiences! I am so proud of you and look forward to your blossoming through motherhood. Congratulations, girl! “ – serenahawaii.
  • “I get goosebumps from reading all of this. It’s written so beautifully! “ – meganmayw.

However, many representatives of the Russian-speaking audience reacted negatively to the honesty of the model, criticizing her nude photos and story, noting that having a child is an intimate process and should not be covered. A lot of controversy on the network has flared up about the participation of dula and home births. The last two points are now gaining popularity overseas, but they are not yet trusted among domestic mothers.

How do you feel about home birth? Your opinion is very important to Colady!

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