Eyebrow dye or henna – which is better and what color to expect?

Henna and paint stainingRecently, the market for beauty treatments has been overflowing with various offers. In particular, eyebrow shaping and coloring is becoming more and more popular. Eyebrow masters, in turn, offer a choice of several methods of coloring. So, for example, you can decorate your eyebrows with paint or henna.

What is the difference between these two methods and which one is better to choose?

Both of these tools are very different from each other. The set of dye for eyebrows and eyelashes includes an oxidizing agent and a dye. As for henna for eyebrows, it is, in essence, a natural dye obtained from a plant component – lawsonia.

Let’s consider what are the main differences between paint and henna:

  • A palette of shades of paint and henna for eyebrows

There are a significant variety of shades that can be obtained using eyebrow dye. They can vary, ranging from the lightest – ashy blond, and ending with bluish black.

It is noteworthy that with the use of eyebrow dye, you can get, both warm and cold shades

As for henna, in this case, the choice is more scarce. The thing is that with its help you can get exclusively warm shades: from nutty to dark chocolate.

  • The effect of dyeing eyebrows with paint or henna

These products look completely different on the eyebrows.

Dye, to a greater extent, stains the hairs, only slightly touching the skin under the eyebrows. If the dye remains on the skin of the eyebrows, then literally for a few days. Thus, a fairly natural effect is achieved with the use of paint. Accordingly, dyeing with paint is more suitable for girls with light eyebrows with normal hair density.

Eyebrow dyeing

Henna the same colors the skin quite intensely, giving it the desired shade for a long time. At the same time, of course, it also stains the hairs themselves. The output can be quite graphic eyebrows that look like they already have makeup on them – for example, a pencil or eyebrow lipstick.

Eyebrow tinting with henna

If the eyebrows are pinched, or there are gaps in the growth of the hairs, it is better to use henna. As long as the henna stays on the skin, the missing hairs can grow back.

  • The term of wearing dye or henna on the eyebrows

If the dye stays on the hairs for about two weeks, and on the skin for only a couple of days, then henna has a much greater durability. She is able to hold out on the skin for about two to three weeks.

The paint first disappears from the skin and only then from the hairs. Henna adheres to both the skin and the hairs in the same way.

The dye can also be used to dye eyelashes, and it will last as long as on the eyebrows, which cannot be done with henna.

  • Using dye and henna to color your eyebrows

The technology of using funds is also different.

As mentioned above, the kit paints includes a dye and an oxidizing agent. To obtain the desired shade, you must mix them in the required proportions. Professional eyebrowers have their own schemes for mixing different shades to obtain the necessary undertones. Indeed, in order to make the face more harmonious, not only the shape of the eyebrows is important, but also their shade.

Eyebrow dye

Using henna, the powder included in the kit is diluted in a certain amount of warm water. The exposure time on the eyebrows of dye and henna is approximately the same, and depends on the desired intensity of the shade.

Henna for eyebrows

After dyeing with paint, no additional care for the skin of the eyebrows or hairs is required, but after henna they must be regularly lubricated with cosmetic oils.

  • Allergenicity of paint and henna

It should be remembered that henna is much more allergenic than paint. Despite the fact that henna is entirely composed of natural ingredients, this does not make it less allergenic.

In addition, among henna for eyebrows, the risk of running into a low-quality, counterfeit product is much more significant. If the paint produced at the factory passes strict tests for allergenicity, passes quality control, then handmade henna is not always subject to such control, and one can only hope for the manufacturer’s honesty.

Anyway, in order to avoid problems, it is better to do an allergy test before staining with paint or henna: 48 hours before the procedure, stain the skin on the bend of the elbow with a very small amount of the product and observe the reaction. If there are no signs of allergies, you can dye your eyebrows.

Remember that eyebrow henna can have a cumulative allergenic effect.… Therefore, I still recommend dyeing your eyebrows with paint, and if you use henna, then only at first, for example, when you grow your eyebrows.

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