Faith Ordway Net Worth

Faith Ordway Net Worth

Faith Ordway Net Worth is a multifaceted social media star who makes a living off her dancing and lip-sync videos on Tiktok and YouTube, earning her living through them. She has amassed an immense fan base online through these channels; with millions following her videos there. As a vlogger she regularly goes live to meet fans on both platforms; non-vegetarian she can often be found enjoying delicious meals at various amazing restaurants while loving soft toys such as giant teddy bears. She is also passionate about fitness being regular gym goer herself!

She worked tirelessly since childhood to reach this level of success, with the encouragement and support from both of her parents. Now an affluent girl living the luxurious life, she possesses many expensive jewelery pieces, gadgets, shoes, outfits, bags and has even her own car!

Faith has an engaging personality and connects well with her fans on social media channels. An animal lover, Faith owns an adorable pet pup. In her free time she enjoys reading books and watching television programs; Faith follows Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Faith has also tried her luck at boxing, set to face Elle Brooke at KSI Misfits Boxing 4 on January 15, 2023.

This star is also an avid fashionista and enjoys trying on different looks and styles. She boasts a slim physique with beautiful blue eyes and dark locks; many men swoon over her, yet she remains single without children yet.

Faith Ordway was born in Defiance, Ohio, US on May 23rd 2001 and will turn 20 in 2020. She has become one of the most active stars on tiktok and instagtam for an extended period, working alongside influencers while making dance videos that are beloved by her fans. Her impressive moves have even won over new ones!

She also maintains her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos under the same name, starting it in 2015 but only posting regularly after becoming famous on Tiktok. Her channel predominantly features vlogs; and has collaborated with prominent figures such as Logan Paul and Mike Majlak.

She is an incredible hardworking and gifted girl who has quickly made waves since coming out as an individual on social media. Thanks to her hard work, she is now an immensely popular social media personality – which earned her huge acclaim on social media! With many talents under her hat and boundless potential in store, she will continue making an impactful mark in future endeavors. With an optimistic approach towards life and an inspiring positive attitude she is sure to reach the pinnacle of success very soon – inspiring all those around her!

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