Find out if you have psychological infertility – test

Psychological infertility Is a complex phenomenon. In most cases, it means a woman’s subconscious fear of becoming a mother. It can be expressed in the refusal of intimacy with a man, the desire to minimize the risk of conception, or a banal fear about their appearance after a hypothetical birth.

Before taking the test, find out the true causes and possible solutions to psychological infertility.

A woman experiencing a subconscious fear of motherhood has a low chance of conceiving a child.

The Colady editors have prepared an interesting test for you, with the help of which you can determine for sure whether you are susceptible to psychological infertility. Moreover, we will also help you determine the cause of the negative pregnancy attitude (if any).

Test instructions:

  1. Try to focus on yourself, discarding all unnecessary thoughts.
  2. You need to honestly answer 10 “Yes” or “No” questions.
  3. For each answer “Yes” to question number 1-9, count yourself 1 point. Also, give yourself 1 point if you answered “No” to question number 10.

Important! Remember that you need to answer all questions honestly in order to get an ACCURATE TEST RESULT.

infertility test

Test questions:

  1. Are you currently in a relationship with a man? (having a sexual relationship is not important).
  2. Do you have a spouse?
  3. Can you say that you feel calm and harmonious in your relationship with your partner? (if there is no partner – answer “no”).
  4. Do you live separately from your parents?
  5. Can you say you feel solid ground under your feet? (do not be afraid of lack of money and loneliness).
  6. Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  7. Do you have a good relationship with your father?
  8. Was your childhood happy and carefree?
  9. If you had the opportunity to relive childhood years, would you take advantage of it?
  10. Have you personally experienced physical abuse from someone?

Now calculate your points and go to the test result.

1 to 4 points

You have psychological infertility. At this point in your life, you are clearly experiencing a lot of negative emotions, perhaps even under stress. You are unhappy because of an internal imbalance. Be psychologically dependent on the opinions of the people around you.

Now your physical body and psyche are actively cooperating in order for you to establish your life as quickly as possible. Simply put, psycho-emotional stress and internal imbalance give rise to reproductive dysfunction.

You need psychological resources. So far, your chances of getting pregnant are incredibly small. What to do? If you want to give birth, first take care of your psychological health, stabilize your emotional state. Let go of the resentment, if any, take up breathing practices, visit a psychologist, in a word, do everything that will help you stabilize your psycho-emotional state.

5 to 7 points

You are less prone to psychological infertility. Your neuropsychic state is stable. You get along well with people, you have good oratorical skills. You know your own worth, they are very demanding. However, if you are stressed, your chances of pregnancy are greatly reduced. Fortunately, you know how to neutralize negative emotions.

If you are unable to conceive a child, then some internal barriers are firmly entrenched deep in the subconscious. A psychotherapist will help to “pull” them out.

8 to 10 points

Congratulations, you definitely do not have psychological infertility! You are a mentally and emotionally mature woman, fully prepared for motherhood. Your psyche and nervous system are stable. There are all the prerequisites for being happy and harmonious.

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