Find out what gifts should not be given to anyone under any pretext!

People love to receive gifts. It is a fact. But, once my fiance, right before the wedding, presented a watch. Mom then said: “This is for parting!”. Her words excited me, but I did not betray them much. However, we really parted with the groom, then I remembered about this unfortunate clock. What was it, doom or prejudice? I don’t know, but on the instructions of the Colady editors, I researched what gifts should never be given to anyone.

one. Knives, forks, sharp, piercing and cutting objects

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These items, under no pretext, should not appear in the list of gifts for any person, for any event. It is considered that these items initially carry a very negative meaning, “bad” energy, and their presentation on a significant day is extremely undesirable, since they can no less than spoil a person’s life, bring scandals, quarrels, misunderstandings, failures into it.

Of course, this generally accepted rule does not work in the East, where a gift in the form of an inlaid dagger or a personalized chiseled knife with a beautiful handle is considered the highest priority and desirable for a man. When planning to make such a gift, it is better to ask the person being gifted if he can accept it. Also, such a gift is acceptable if, for example, the hero of the day himself asked to give him a beautiful knife or a chiseled collection dagger.

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2. Clock

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This prohibition is connected with the generally accepted widespread superstition that the clock counts down the life time, and it speeds up. There is also an opinion that watches bring big troubles, cause failures and unnecessary worries. In addition, there is a belief that friendship or love between people will last exactly as long as these hours will work. Stopping, the clock will cause divorce and quarrels, so people try to avoid such a gift so as not to provoke bad events in life.

A gift in the form of a watch to a Chinese serves as an invitation to a funeral, so it can be interpreted extremely negatively by him, and will cause resentment and rejection.

3. Mirrors

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As known, sYerkals serve as a “tool” for fortune-telling, as well as seances, because, according to people, they are a “bridge” from our world to the other world. Mirrors have always been a subject of awe and superstitious fear; it was not for nothing that it was believed that breaking a mirror was a sign of quarrels and misfortunes.

The beauty of a woman can “leave” through the mirror, if it is presented by an envious woman, an ill-wisher. The mirror can accumulate in itself all the negative information that has ever been reflected, and bring misfortune, failure, quarrels, negative emotions, fears into the life of the gifted person, releasing this by no means useful energy.

4. Chinese porcelain dolls

China dolls made of porcelain
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Many tourists bring such dolls from China, which are distinguished by their skillful design, grace and beauty. But few people know what to keep in their home, as well as give these beautiful dolls, it is highly undesirable.

Living, real people serve as prototypes, models in the manufacture of these porcelain figurines, and therefore each doll has the features of its prototype in the human world.

It is believed that a doll made in the image and likeness of a real person also becomes the owner of all the secret thoughts, character traits of the “model”. It is good if this person was kind and disinterested. If he had bad habits, bad temper or unkind thoughts, then a doll placed to another person will influence both himself and everyone who is next to him, gradually destroying and changing life for the worse.

5. Figures, figurines, stuffed birds

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In many cultures of the world, a figurine of a bird carries a symbol of some kind of news, in many cases – bad news. Giving statuettes, stuffed birds, therefore, is extremely improbable, because, according to legend, they can bring negativity, misfortune, illness, news of the death of one of your friends, relatives.

6. Medical devices and things that remind of diseases

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An inhaler, tonometer, thermometer, as well as medicines, crutches, bandages, corsets, bandages and the like should not become gifts. These objects carry a symbol of illness, and it is believed that they are able to attract it, worsening a person’s condition, and also constantly remind him of their illness, weakening his strength and immunity.

7. Animals, fish, birds

Guinea pigs
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Such gifts should not be given to anyone because it is a huge responsibility. Waste of time and effort for which the person being gifted may not be ready at all. An exception for such gifts are cases when the hero of the occasion himself expressed a desire to purchase, for example, a cat of a special breed, but could not afford it due to the high price, or the absence of kittens of this breed in his area.

The donor must remember that if, nevertheless, the person being gifted accepts such a gift from him, and it is very desirable for him, he must still give the donor a symbolic “ransom” in the form of a coin, so that the animal will soon get used to the new home so that it does not get sick , did not run away from the owner and was trained faster.

8. Jewelry

What gifts should not be given to anyone and why?
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As you know, bijouterie is a fake jewelry. Often, jewelry is associated with artificiality, cheapness and shine of things, which is completely unacceptable in a gift for a woman of any age and wealth. Perhaps the only exception can be branded stylish jewelry of famous brands – and even then only when the hero of the occasion himself wished to have it even before this event.

9. Gifts for household chores

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Gifts related to housework, renovation, cleaning, cooking, etc. can cause a lot of resentment and disappointment. Do not give sets of pans or pots, hammers and electric drills, because such gifts are never delightful.

Each owner or hostess knows exactly what they need at home, and, as a rule, they choose it on their own, according to their taste. Instead of such “mundane” gifts, it would be better to choose a fine china service, cutlery sets, napkins and beautiful tablecloths, sets of glasses, wine glasses or beer mugs.

10. Book with its own signature

What gifts should not be given to anyone and why?
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We all remember that “a book is the best gift.” But, nevertheless, it is worth giving only those copies of books that correspond to the taste and preferences of the hero of the occasion (you need to familiarize yourself with them in advance in order to make the right choice). You cannot donate a book with your own signature if this book was not written by you. Wishes or appeals to the hero of the day can be written on a separate postcard, which you just need to put into this book, like a bookmark.

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