Hollywood makeup – features, step by step technique

Hollywood makeup is considered universal. It suits both young girls and older women. At first glance, this makeup is not difficult to do: red lips and arrows on the eyes. However, there are some nuances that will help make the look truly chic.

Let’s take a look at how to do Hollywood makeup step by step!

Hollywood makeup step by step

1. Preparing the skin

The skin must be thoroughly cleansed and moisturized before applying the foundation. After applying the moisturizer, you can lightly beat your skin with your fingertips to increase blood circulation and make your complexion look healthier and more radiant.

Also, be sure to apply lip balm to your lips. This will make them appear juicier, smoothen wrinkles and allow the red lipstick to be applied perfectly.

2. Tone

Use concealer to mask minor redness, pores and acne. Then apply foundation.

Important, so that the face is embossed, so it is better to choose a highlighting tone.

The foundation is also applied to the area around the eye: bruises and small veins should not be noticeable. If the circles under the eyes are too pronounced, mask them with a concealer.

Apply blush to your face. They should be applied along the ascending lines, from the corners of the lips to the earlobes. This will give the face a fresh, rested look. It is important to blend the blush thoroughly. Brush with a little blush around the edges of your face for a fresh, rested look.

How to do Hollywood makeup

Remember: blush should only refresh your image, while it should not be noticeable!

3. Lips

You will need red lipstick and lip liner. The pencil should be several shades darker than lipstick. Apply the pencil to the corners of the lips and blend towards the middle. Apply lipstick on top. This will create a gradient effect.

4. Eyes

Hollywood makeup involves arrows. The arrow can be graphic and wide enough or between eyelashes: it all depends on the event you are going to. If you are not very confident in your ability to draw the perfect arrow, use eyeliner instead of eyeliner. Blend the pencil to create a smoky look.

Apply two or three layers of mascara to your eyelashes. You can use eyelash tongs to get your eyes wide open.

To make the arrow more expressive, first apply some light shadows on the moving eyelid, which almost merge with your skin tone. In the inner corner of the eyes and under the eyebrow, you can add some white shadows. They shouldn’t be visible. The shadows are carefully shaded.

Hollywood makeup technique

Remember: Glittering white eye shadows at the corners of the eyes are out of fashion for a long time, you should achieve the effect of a fresh, rested look, and not accentuate your makeup!

5. Brows

Don’t forget to shape your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thick, simply comb them and style them with clear gel. Owners of light eyebrows will need special shadows or colored wax.

Your look is ready! All that remains is to do a chic hairstyle, put on high-heeled shoes and feel like a real Hollywood diva!

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