How to choose makeup for glasses – professional advice

Poor vision is not a reason to turn a blind eye to low-quality visage. You can’t hide flaws under the glasses. Special optics, on the contrary, will attract the attention of the interlocutor. To look irresistible, take some time to yourself and learn tips on how to choose makeup to match your glasses.

Moisturizing first

The skin around the eyes needs additional hydration. If you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, you’ve noticed itching and the urge to rub your eyelids throughout the day. The right care for delicate areas will help keep your makeup on all day.

face without makeup

Liv Tyler usually wears lenses, but prefers glasses when resting. In her blog, the famous actress strongly recommends starting makeup with eye drops. Simple manipulation refreshes and protects against dryness.

The skin around the eyes, moisturized with serum, should not be thickly covered with foundation. The excess will be printed on the frame. In the worst case, stains will remain on the cheekbones, smeared with arches.

The best option for masking imperfections under the glasses would be:

  • moisturizing serum;
  • dotted concealer;
  • light BB cream.

You do not need to powder your eyelids and the area around them. The subtle shine of the BB cream will ensure a healthy look.

Emphasis on eyebrows


Miranda Priestley’s gorgeous curl of eyebrows peeking out over the stylish frames is the epitome of well-chosen makeup. After examining the photos from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, note that the makeup artist uses soft, gray shades on the moving eyelids, without contrasting eyeliner, and accentuates the eyebrows with clear lines. The same technique is used by Evelina Khromchenko when she chooses a frame that exposes the eyebrows.

Makeup artists advise you to avoid matching the eyebrow shade with the frame color. The shape of the bend is perfectly emphasized by the play of contrast. Highlight the playful corner using a point of light shadows under the brow line. Blend thoroughly.

With myopia

Optics, which solve the problems of myopia, visually reduce the eyes. The lenses create glare that flattens the eyelid. Dry eyeshadow applied to a moist, creamy base will help to add structure.

Correctly chosen makeup should “pull” the eyes out from under the reducing lens. TOHow to achieve this, explains the makeup artist:

  1. The crisp, graphic lines and arrows make the eyes even smaller behind glasses. Discard them.
  2. Shadows should be light, pastel shades and a shiny texture. Be sure to shade well!
  3. It is better to discard pearlescent and sparkling textures. They will create additional refraction of light.
  4. Do not spare mascara – thickly paint both upper and lower eyelashes. If you decide to do without shadows, make sure that the eyelashes are thoroughly painted from root to tip.

mascara and shadows

An exception with eyeliner can be allowed by girls with an expressive round cut of the eyes.

With hyperopia

The eyes are enlarged under the corrective glasses. The makeup will look brighter than it actually is. Makeup artists advise:

  1. Avoid dark shadows. Smoky eyes are contraindicated.
  2. Use a monochrome palette.
  3. Apply wide shading.
  4. Learn to draw arrows neatly and clearly.
  5. Only paint over the upper lashes.

You should not choose lengthening mascara under glasses. Even lashes that barely touch the glass cause discomfort. Opt for products for volume and durability.

The frame determines the color scheme

transformation with mascara

The color scheme of the make-up is selected based on the color of the frame. Nothing changes the appearance of a woman’s face more radically than horn-rimmed glasses. The makeup artist recommends choosing a versatile Ray Ban Wayfarer shape. She suits everyone and does not limit makeup.


According to makeup artists, bright multi-colored glasses do not need shadows, it is enough to thickly make up eyelashes and choose an accent on the lips. Black, on the contrary, should be emphasized with sandy shades with a shimmer, and paint over the eyelashes with brown mascara.

To determine which makeup to choose today, rely on the shape and color of the frame you choose. She will tell you what shadows are needed and whether it is worthwhile to paint your lips brightly. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are half the battle. Pay a lot of attention to them, as this is often the main focus.

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