How to quickly cure stye in the eye

Many people have come across such a “surprise” as barley on the eye. Puffiness and a very painful grain appear on the eyelid. The methods that are used in everyday life for its treatment are very different – from urine therapy to greenery.

How to cure stye in the eye – tell the experts of the COLADY magazine, ophthalmologists.

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Bologny magazine warns: self-medication can harm your health! The recipes given here do not replace medication and do not cancel going to the doctor!

How to identify barley in the eye – the main signs

This disease is an inflammatory process in the hair follicle on the inner (outer) side of the eyelid. Itching first appears on the skin around it, and, after a couple of days, a purulent nodule. Under favorable conditions for the development of barley, it turns into a serious problem, regardless of the age and gender of the person.

Barley on the eye
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The main symptoms of barley:

  • Severe itching, painful swelling, redness, often at the edge of the eyelid.
  • An eyelash can stick out from the center of the inflamed “seed”.
  • The formation of a yellowish head on the top of the barley on the third or fourth day.
  • When an abscess is opened, pus is released from the hole.

Where does barley come from? Barley reasons

It is believed that the lump is formed after severe hypothermia of the body. Actually, causes for its appearance are completely different:

  • Drying your face with a dirty towel.
  • Using someone else’s cosmetic makeup tools.
  • Touching the eyes with dirty hands.
  • Lack of fresh air and vitamins.
  • The defeat of the eyelashes with a demodex mite.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diabetes.

This list is far from complete, and the chances of catching this sore are much greater. The abscess is not contagious, but the risk of catching it still exists if personal hygiene is not observed or the immune system is weakened due to chronic diseases. It’s good if the barley goes away on its own after a week. But if this does not happen, then you should seek the help of a doctor to avoid the consequences of the development of barley.

Why barley is dangerous – consequences and traces

It is not the barley itself that is dangerous, but its improper treatment – heating, urine therapy, squeezing out pus, etc. These actions can lead to infection in the blood, which, in turn, can cause:

  • Meningitis.
  • Sepsis.

It is also worth noting that barley is sometimes confused with cystic neoplasm or chalazion. With an incorrect and self-diagnosis, the wrong treatment is carried out, which multiplies the problem. Therefore, if the barley is accompanied by an increase in temperature, and the swelling itself grows in size and becomes an obstacle to vision, then see a doctor – the only option.

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7 ways to cure barley

If there is no opportunity to see a doctor, then you should remember the main methods of treating barley (unless, of course, you are sure that it is barley):

  1. Burning barley with brilliant green or pure alcohol (when barley appears and until it is fully ripe) using a cotton swab.
  2. Eye drops at the initial stage of barley ripening. First of all, antibacterial eye drops are used, due to their high efficiency.
  3. Dry heat (apply to unripe barley).
  4. Sulfanilamide ointments. They are used to localize the process of barley formation.
  5. Tetracycline or erythromycin ointment.
  6. Compresses from sleeping tea or chamomile.
  7. Rinsing with furacilin solution (tablet in a glass of water).

If the body temperature rises, the lymph nodes increase, and the soreness increases, then you cannot do without antibiotics and a doctor. In this case, UHF therapy will be prescribed, and in a difficult situation, a surgical solution to the problem.
With recurrent barley, a general strengthening solution is prescribed:

  • Vitamin complexes.
  • Brewer’s yeast.
  • Autohemotherapy.

How to quickly cure stye in the eye

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Barley compresses

  • Flaxseed decoction compresses.
  • Applying the cut garlic clove for three days (cut to the barley).
  • Chamomile infusion compress (not hot).
  • Applying a warm chicken egg to the affected area.
  • Aloe juice diluted in warm boiled water (1:10) – lotions.
  • Rinsing the sick eye with tea leaves (or St. John’s wort infusion) every twenty minutes.
  • Three tablespoons pour calendula 200 ml of boiling water, leave for half an hour. Make compresses with warm infusion.
  • Eat four raw yellow tansy flowers with cold water. Repeat four more times a day. Take tansy until the barley disappears completely.
  • Scroll fresh washed lilac leaves through a meat grinder, put on cheesecloth, apply to barley for an hour. Repeat up to seven times a day.
  • Boil six cloves (spice) in boiling water for a third of a glass. Apply lotions with cotton pads.

Barley on the eye – how not to be treated?

  • Scratching your eyes with dirty hands (and scratching in general).
  • Wear contact lenses.
  • Wear makeup.
  • It is better not to heat the ripening barley with warm salt, a tea bag, etc. The warming procedure can contribute to the breakthrough of the pus of the ripened barley not outside, but in the opposite direction, and, accordingly, the development of sepsis.
  • To pierce the barley with a needle, to open it in any other way without the participation of a doctor.
  • Warm over steam.
  • Cover with a plaster.
  • Warm up with twitching sensations in the eyelid area.

Folk remedies for barley on the eye

  • “Spitting in a sore eye or rubbing the eye with your saliva.”
    This folk recipe is known to everyone. And we are not just known, but widely practiced. However, few people think that saliva is far from sterile. And the consequence of such a recipe can be conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc.
  • “Urinotherapy”.
    A few drops of urine dripped into a sore eye, or a lotion with your own urine. This “old-fashioned” way is also capable of provoking even more inflammation. It is better to refrain from it.
  • “Showing the fig to the growing month and spitting over the shoulder three times, at night, at the crossroads.”
    Here, as they say, comments are superfluous. It is clear that you cannot cure barley with this, and these mystical methods are absolutely useless.
  • “Tying a thread to the middle finger of the hand (on the opposite side of the barley) and pulling on this thread throughout the day.”
    Method equivalent to the previous one. The “binding” of the method to the allegedly oriental methods is groundless and does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment of purulent processes.
  • “The sooner the barley is squeezed out, the sooner the recovery will come.”
    Self-opening of barley may result in an abscess. Therefore, no matter how itch your hands to pierce the abscess, wait for its natural breakthrough, or even better – consult a doctor.

Treatment of barley in the eye – recommendations of ophthalmologists

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  • For the duration of treatment, completely abandon cosmetics.
  • Use only clean and your own towels.
  • When applying compresses, use clean, disposable wipes.
  • Apply eye drops and ointments wisely. The agent should fall into the space between the conjunctiva and the lower eyelid.
  • When burning barley with brilliant green or alcohol, hold a cotton swab with the product on the inflamed area for ten minutes.

With timely and competent treatment, you will very quickly forget about such a problem as barley on the eye. But it is worth remembering that the appearance of barley can be promoted by problems of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract and weakened immunity. And, of course, if the need to treat barley arises more than two or three times a year, then a complete examination of the body will not interfere.

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