How zodiac signs relate to their ex-partners

How do you deal with the breakup? Can you quickly recover from this development of events, or does it take you a long time to overcome a personal crisis?

And most importantly, how do you feel about your partner after breaking up? Astrology can give you the answer, because all zodiac signs choose a different strategy and line of behavior.

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Aries is a person who gushes with emotions, which cannot but affect his relationship. Aries is responsible, but jealous of a loved one, therefore it will not let him go easily. It is very difficult for this sign to break all ties. Nevertheless, over time, Aries and his ex-partner become friends and communicate quite positively and friendly.

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They are stubborn, but very passionate people in relationships. In the event of a break, Taurus moves in one of two directions. First, he immediately stops all contact with his ex, but suffers for a long time. Second – Taurus clings to memories and again suffers for a long time. So in any case, this sign drives itself into the trap of the past and secretly dreams of reunion.


Gemini people are sentimental and driven by their emotions. When they break up with someone, it is not easy for them to get rid of feelings for their ex. They may not keep in touch with him, but for a while they regularly return to him in their thoughts. However, this does not mean that the breakup will torment Gemini for a long time. They will soon find their next partner.


Cancer is a vulnerable but strong person who knows how to stay in public. When he breaks up with a partner, he sobs only alone, locked in a room. However, the fortitude of this sign helps him move on. He will treat his ex as an experience, learn from it and try to draw the right conclusions.

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Leos always demand attention. When they break up, they still want to be noticed, and constantly remembered about them. Leo will call out the eyes of the ex-partner, demonstratively meeting with the new chosen ones, but he certainly will not whine and suffer.


They are smart, cold-blooded and rational individuals. Virgo is sure that if she broke up with someone, there will be no turning back. Especially if the reason is her ex, she will never return to him. Virgo prefers to immediately burn all the bridges and treat the former beloved person as a read book that she does not want to re-read at all.


Libras are loving, caring and probably the most good-natured people. They adore their partner to such an extent that they cannot imagine their future life without him. And when Libra breaks up, they feel completely devastated, cry a lot and become depressed. However, they do not show their former sadness and longing, but try to behave peacefully and as friendly as possible.

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Scorpio has a desire for power, and this makes him a little introvert in terms of expressing his emotions. When his relationship ends, Scorpio goes to great lengths to hide his broken heart. He can even behave too coldly with an ex-partner so that he decides that Scorpio never felt anything for him at all.


This person is desperate and carefree, because the breakup does not bother him a lot, and he accepts it easily. Sagittarius is an optimist by nature and is always ready to try new things. This attitude helps the Sagittarius to deal with the breakup without any problems. He will immediately find new hobbies and forget about the ex.

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Capricorn has an obsessive need to feel needed by the people who are dear to him. Therefore, entering into a relationship, he gives his partner all of himself. Consequently, the breakup causes Capricorn to become discouraged. He is unable to come to terms with the fact that someone can leave him, and he will make repeated attempts to renew their connection.


These are proud people who silently step aside. Aquarius rarely fully reveals himself to his chosen ones. However, such external emotionlessness helps him when he is quietly suffering from a breakup. This sign will not cling to the past. He will erase from his life all possible traces and memories of the former.


Pisces are sensitive dreamers, and they believe in relationships that require sacrifice. Pisces are very compassionate, therefore they continue to treat the ex-partner tenderly and reverently. And also masochism is inherent in Pisces: they will actively communicate with the ex, even if such friendship hurts them.

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