Psychological test – what desire do you subconsciously suppress

Do you like psychological tests? We have prepared an interesting test for you that will help you determine which secret desire you are suppressing on a subconscious level.

What do we have to do? Try to focus on yourself and pick 1 moon. Make your choice intuitively!

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Intuitive test: What secret desire are you suppressing at a subconscious level

Moon # 1 – Protection

Subconsciously, you are trying to block the need for protection. You live by the principle: “I can do everything myself / myself!”. Do not ask anyone for help, you solve all the problems yourself. You are ashamed to admit that you once felt the need for protection. Probably, someone betrayed your trust and since then you have kept an emotional distance from people. Afraid to trust. Therefore, in order not to experience the pain of betrayal again, do not even allow yourself to think about accepting someone’s help or protection.

Moon # 2 – Independence

You are by nature a freedom-loving person who is not used to obeying anyone. Love to feel like the master of the situation. You like the feeling that people depend on you. However, subconsciously, you are trying to block the desire for freedom and independence. In fact, you like to obey, you just have no idea what it is. Most likely, there is no person in your environment who could patronize you, but you want it with all your soul.

Moon # 3 – Constancy

You live for today. You can say about you “He is a man of chance.” Where the wind blew – there you too. Carelessness, pleasure-seeking and peacefulness are what describe your nature. However, on a subconscious level, you strive for stability and constancy. You are tired of the chaos in your life and strive to find resilience. You may need to become a more psychologically mature person to do this.

Moon number 4 – Love

You are not one of those who give love and tenderness to everyone. Some people around you think you are stingy with emotions. But they are wrong. In fact, you subconsciously block the need for love, since you have had negative experiences in the past. Most likely, your heart was broken and since then you have avoided people, because you are subconsciously afraid to become attached to them and experience similar pain again.

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