I love, he loves another – what to do, is it possible to love someone else’s guy

I love, he loves another - what to do, is it possible to love someone else's guyDreaming of eternal love, girls often make many mistakes. For example, they behave like “mummies”, set ultimatums and violate personal space, stop developing … But is it worth worrying about the fact that you liked a guy who is already busy with another? It’s uncomfortable in front of the girl, and it’s impossible to forget.

What to do in this case? First of all, deal with your feelings!

The content of the article:

  1. Is this love?
  2. Is the man using you?
  3. Forbidden tricks

Is love a test of your feelings

Answer a couple of simple questions:

  • How do you feel when you look at him?
  • Do you really enjoy spending your free time with him?
  • Can you calmly share your thoughts and experiences with each other?
  • What do you like the most about him?
  • How long do you think you will be able to communicate?
  • What are your thoughts when he’s fooling around?
  • Do you like just looking at it?

I love, he loves another - what to do and what not to do

If this is true love, then you do not doubt the person. Falling in love can be tormented by doubts, hints, innuendo, incomprehensibility.

As for love, it is so obvious that such questions simply disappear.

Just falling in love

It is not always easy to distinguish true love from a fleeting hobby. Most often, young girls are led by a capricious child who loudly declares: “I want to!”. Likewise, small children begged for sweets or expensive toys until tired parents agreed to buy.

Answer yourself honestly to the question – why this particular guy who is already in a relationship with another girl became your “victim”. Do you really have sincere feelings for him, or is it a common interest?

It is better to be sincere with yourself from the very beginning, so that later you do not have to live under the same roof with a practically stranger with whom you have nothing to do.

If you are not ready to have children from a guy, to support him in his endeavors, to be there in difficult times, wouldn’t it be more correct to switch to someone else?

Victim of instinct

There is a certain type of girl who is only attracted to unfree guys. Psychologists say that in this way they artificially inflate their self-esteem and show a clear superiority over other girls. They do not so much care about romance or great love as about the very possibility of “taking away” a man and defeating a rival.

Despite the fact that society treats such representatives of the fair sex with a slight mistrust, and even rejection, one should not blame anyone. Most often, these girls themselves are hostages of their inner fears and complexes.

In the future, it is very difficult for them to find their happiness, because they will again and again be entangled in various love triangles.

In this case, individual psychological therapy will help, after which the woman will be able to change her usual lifestyle.

Maybe he’s in love too?

Unfortunately, it also happens that a guy is in no hurry to part with his girlfriend – but, at the same time, continues to show various signs of attention to you.

Perhaps he does not take you seriously, and is sure that there is nothing supernatural about cheating. A guy may be pleased with your attention, he is ready to give expensive gifts, spend weekends with you, but deep down he understands that he is not capable of more.

But it also happens that a guy is really passionate about you, and has tender feelings – but, at the moment, is confused. How to understand that a man likes you?

Give him time to think about the situation and make the right decision. The only thing you should do in such a situation is not to lose your composure and try to look at things soberly.

Loved one loves another - what to do

How can you immediately understand that a man is just using you?

This question, of course, is important for every girl: the sooner you understand the manipulator and break all ties with him, the less precious time will be lost, and the more chances you will meet your true love.

Here are some of the main signs that you have chosen the wrong man:

1. Ignoring your needs

If a man is really in love, he will know everything about the woman he loves. What kind of ice cream she prefers, what Chanel scents she likes – and other details.

But if a woman is not interested, or is only interesting for strictly defined purposes, the man will not even “take a steam bath” in order to memorize some information he is with her.

2. He often lets you down

If in words a man has already promised the sun, moon, star, oriental palace, designer outfits, and so on, but in fact appears in your life once a month, then there is an obvious discrepancy.

Most likely, he is just actively hanging “noodles” on your beautiful ears to deceive the vigilance.

3. The man does not introduce you to friends, does not introduce you to acquaintances

It is highly likely that the intentions towards you are not serious.

It may be still early, and you’ve only known each other for a month. But usually a man has enough time to understand whether he is interested in a woman, or not, and how far he is ready to let her into his life.

What if your boyfriend loves another

TOP-7 prohibitions for you, so as not to be captivated by your own illusions

1. No need to follow him and his girlfriend on social networks

This path is obviously wrong: so you fall in love even more, trying to figure out when it will be online …

Just don’t do it. No man should take up so much space in his head!

2. Try to make friends with him

It doesn’t work, and it looks ridiculous.

If you don’t have any special reasons for rapprochement, you should not justify yourself with innocent phrases like “Well, we can be good friends.”

3. Chat with him constantly

You should not write him every 15 minutes long reflections on the day.

How would you feel if another girl was constantly texting your boyfriend?

4. To twist in memory the moments when it seemed that a spark ran between you

Okay, girls love to exaggerate and come up with all new colorful details.

But this, at least, is not constructive. Try to stay sober.

5. Actively try to destroy their relationship

Even if he endlessly complains about his current girlfriend, and in every possible way exposes himself to be poor and unhappy, still remain just an outside observer.

Trust me, there is nothing worse than a girl desperate to destroy other people’s happiness. It is better to devote this time to yourself, to self-development, or at least read a book – there will be much more benefit.

6. Ignore other men

Do not miss out on great opportunities to start a relationship with a free man just because you are fixated on the same person.

Remember that you are not yet together, and you are unlikely to ever be. Therefore, get acquainted – and fall in love with the whole world!

7. Don’t get involved in a relationship just to make him jealous.

The other extreme. You do not need to specifically start a relationship for yourself to be jealous of the subject of secret passion!

  • First, it probably won’t work.
  • Second, using other people to your advantage is disgusting and hasn’t made anyone happy yet.

The most important word in our life is love. Psychologists say that the need to be loved is the main emotional need of a person.

The feeling of love creeps up imperceptibly. But, often, falling in love is mistaken for love, and love is confused with passion or fleeting hobby.

Therefore, be more attentive to yourself, listen to your inner voice – it will definitely give answers to the most exciting questions.

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