Kurdt Vanderhoof Net Worth

Kurdt Vanderhoof Net Worth

Kurdt Vanderhoof is an acclaimed guitarist best known as one of the founding members of metal band Metal Church. Since the 1980s he has made significant waves within heavy metal music; additionally he is an active philanthropist who donates both time and money to various charities; his style of playing guitar has inspired numerous guitarists as well.

Current members of Metal Church include vocalist Mike Howe, bassist Steve Unger, guitarist Rick Condrin, and drummer Aaron Zimpel. Their first album featuring this line-up was released in 2016 to rave reviews – marking their return to Billboard charts after more than 10 years!

Vanderhoof recently expressed his strong distaste for extreme metal and black metal in an interview on the We Go to 11 podcast. He described black metal as “satanic screamo stuff”, not understanding why bands like Venom have such a cult following; though he acknowledged there may be diverging opinions within metal music communities, he was clear about his rejection of black metal as music genre.

Vanderhoof is an extremely talented musician with an extraordinary gift for songwriting. He is best known as being part of Metal Church and creating chart-topping albums, while also contributing several solo projects and being well-respected within the metal scene with an immense fan base; his net worth has been estimated at about 1.5 Million USD.

His business acumen extends into business, where he founded and established a guitar string manufacturing and selling firm that has become well-recognized among music professionals and fans. He has found great success running this profitable venture; and is likely to expand it even further over time.

Vanderhoof enjoys reading and spending time with his family during his free time, along with travel. He’s an animal advocate and regularly donates funds to animal-focused charities; additionally he’s actively involved in environmental protection advocacy work and works toward safeguarding it.

Vanderhoof keeps his relationships and love life private. Although currently single, he prefers keeping this aspect of his life out of the spotlight as much as possible. With three children under his care (Dylan is one) as well as Bogie his dog as hobbies he also loves photography, gardening and painting over time; selling some paintings over the years including one dedicated to his late father who passed away earlier this year.

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