Long distance relationships for all zodiac signs

Long-distance relationships can both make your couple stronger and destroy them – too many factors work against you, so it’s no wonder why most people fail.

Based on personal experience, such a relationship may well be successful, but it is very, very difficult.

Communication is the main key, but it is at a distance that it already has a different format, when you see your loved one only on the screen of a laptop or phone. And this does not suit everyone.

However, you should not be disappointed right away, but rather think about taking up such a challenge and dealing with it with dignity. In fact, if you really love the person, you will succeed.

Plus, your zodiac sign can play a role too, but ultimately it’s up to you how to proceed. Let’s take a look at how astrology interprets this.

Here is a list of all the signs, which are arranged in order from most to least prone to successful long-distance relationships.

How long can a long distance relationship last based on your zodiac sign?
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1. Virgo

Virgo is a devoted person, and she will painstakingly work on any relationship. She pays a lot of time and attention to the smallest details, and if her partner hesitates and doubts, Virgo will definitely assure him that everything will work out for them.

Virgo, by the way, is extremely serious about relationships, but often sees them in black and white, so she needs a life partner who will share her views and beliefs.

If she meets such a person, then even at a distance everything will turn out flawlessly for them.

2. Taurus

When a Taurus loves someone, he makes a lot of effort to develop and strengthen the relationship.

This sign is reliable and patient, so distance will not affect it negatively or destructively. Taurus is very romantic and loyal to a loved one under any circumstances.

Yes, it will be difficult for Taurus not to see a partner as often as he would like, but he knows that long-distance relationships are not forever, and the thought of this is very supportive.

3. Fish

Pisces are selfless and sympathetic, and these qualities make them great partners. This sign does a great job with long distance relationships if he’s really interested in them.

However, Pisces can sometimes be overly trusting, and they often close their eyes to many things, pretending that everything is in order, and trying not to notice problems.

However, their innate intuition also comes to their aid, and they know how to quickly settle any disagreements.

How long can a long distance relationship last based on your zodiac sign?
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4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a combination of idealism and optimism, and therefore he is ready to accept any life challenge, including long-distance relationships. A positive Sagittarius sees them as another obstacle that he is able to overcome.

In addition, such a relationship allows Sagittarius to be alone with himself, which only benefits him. The main thing is to watch your language, since Sagittarius is inclined to say what he thinks, and this does not always play into his hands.

5. Capricorn

Capricorn is a responsible and disciplined person, and he looks for the same qualities in his chosen one. He needs a serious and meaningful relationship in which both partners know what they want.

Capricorn strives for a long-term union, and not for casual affairs, and if it comes to long-distance relationships, then he can fill his head with bad thoughts and expect the worst.

The best advice for him is to practice positive thinking, and then everything will be fine.

6. Aquarius

Aquarius is independent, and he needs a relationship in which his partner will be like him. This sign is not immediately revealed to another person, but he is still tuned in to the strength and longevity of their feelings.

A long-distance relationship may well work, but subject to his optimistic attitude and faith in success, although this may seem like a daunting task to Aquarius due to the limitations and inability to see the partner in person.

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7. Cancer

Cancer will always put a lot of effort into relationships, regardless of whether their partner is close or far away. This sign is full of love and will make sure that the loved one feels as comfortable as if he was there.

Cancers are very family oriented, but they also tend to be discouraged and pessimistic, which makes long-distance relationships difficult. They are perfectly acceptable for him, but from time to time Cancer may need reassurance from a partner that this will work.

8. Leo

Leo is passionate and charming, so it is very easy to fall in love with him. Sometimes Leo uses this charm to his advantage, but when he is in a strong relationship, he in every possible way demonstrates to his soul mate how strong his love is.

Alas, Leo cannot stand being ignored or left alone, which complicates long-distance relationships. It is also difficult for a Leo to avoid temptations and temptations, and the thought that he is away from the chosen one oppresses him very much.

9. Libra

Libras are typical peacemakers, so they will always try to compromise to keep both people happy and content. However, long-distance relationships are unlikely to work out for them.

Libra wants constant physical contact with a partner, which, as you understand, is impossible in such a relationship.

Most likely, they will not last long, because if Libra and his chosen one have any disagreements, then the absence of a loved one nearby makes solving problems almost impossible for this sign.

How long can a long distance relationship last based on your zodiac sign?
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10. Gemini

This sociable and cheerful sign adapts incredibly quickly to everything, which means that long-distance relationships should not be difficult for him.

However, Gemini does not feel well alone for a long period of time, and talking on the phone is not a solution for them. They hate routine and quickly tire of scheduled calls and video chats.

11. Aries

Aries are determined and optimistic, which are two great qualities for long-distance relationships. In the beginning, Aries will most likely even greet them. However, he is impatient and quick-tempered, which can lead to immediate problems.

Aries always strives for communication and spending time together, because the distance between him and his partner is a destructive factor. Aries are easiest to get along with when you are together and are in each other’s field of vision.

12. Scorpio

Scorpio is passionate and assertive, and he likes to be in control of his relationship. When this sign is in love, he will devote himself entirely to ensuring that his union with his loved one is successful.

However, Scorpio is also famous for its irrepressible jealousy, which often takes over. Consequently, the option of a relationship at a distance is initially doomed to failure.

And Scorpio can be secretive, and his partner will be in the dark about what he is doing in his absence. Such a relationship is absolutely not for Scorpio.

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