The ideal figure of the Little Big soloist after losing 15 kg

29-year-old Sofya Tayurskaya carefully follows the figure and delights fans with her graceful curves. Now no one can imagine that the soloist of the Little Big musical group once weighed 15 kilograms more and was deprived of the attention of men! Finally, Sophia revealed the secret of her forms.

“There is nothing difficult in this, it is a matter of choice”

Sofya Tayurskaya

The performer is not shy about talking about the past: she herself answered numerous questions to subscribers and published “before / after” photos. Recently, the artist told how she manages to save her result.

Self-isolation became stress for everyone, which brought about changes in the body: someone could not fit into old jeans, but Tayurskaya, on the contrary, got rid of another couple of kilograms.

“I haven’t gotten fat for a year, but no one has noticed. Yes, indeed, during the quarantine period, I lost another 3-4 kg. But for you to understand, I am a person who is very inclined to be overweight, and in order to be in shape, this must be constantly monitored. This is work! There is nothing difficult in this, it is a matter of choice, ”the singer wrote on her Instagram account.

The exact weight of the artist and the reason for such attention to her own appearance

Sofya Tayurskaya 2

At the same time, the girl never limited herself and did not sit on strict diets: she simply adhered to some rules. Sometimes, if there are no tours or performances ahead, Sophia can even treat herself to “buns” and “pick up a couple of kilograms.” But even this should be in moderation, because appearance is very important for such a public work, the girl believes.

“In my profession it is very important to look good, not because there are any standards, but first of all for myself. I feel much better and much more productive when I am satisfied with myself … If I suddenly start to relax a lot, they will definitely hint at this, and this immediately motivates me to self-discipline. I’m not a nutritionist, I just studied my body through trial and error and I know how it works. It all depends only on desire and choice. I chose to like myself, ”Tayurskaya shared.

Sofya Tayurskaya 3

Sophia finished her publication, naming specific numbers – what subscribers ask her almost most often.

“My maximum weight in life was 70 kg, the minimum – 48. Now I am 55, I want 52”. Recall that the girl’s height is 164 centimeters.

Does Sophia suffer from eating disorders?

Despite the girl’s warning that she avoids diets, fans suspected the artist of an unhealthy relationship with food. Phrase Sony “I clearly understand what, how much and when I eat” has made many wonder if the songwriter of famous songs suffers from eating disorders?

How does Little Big soloist Sofya Tayurskaya manage to maintain an ideal figure after losing 15 kilograms?

To the subscriber’s comment, in which she shared her medical history, Tayurskaya replied briefly, making fans worry about her health: “Yeah, I am also a rppshnitsa still the same))))”.

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