Making natural coconut oil with your own hands – the best recipe

The recommendations of cosmetologists – to use natural oils for face and scalp care, hair care – today are appreciated by almost all women. Of course, you can easily purchase any oil for body and hair of any company of your choice – and it can not only be packaged in a beautiful box with a well-known logo, but also be sure to be supplied with a list of properties that the oil possesses.

However, it must be admitted that, despite the packaging and pleasant aroma, the effect of the finished oil is several times weaker than the analogue prepared at home on its own. That is why recipes for making this or that oil at home are becoming more and more popular.

COLADY will show you how to make natural coconut oil at home.

We make natural coconut oil with our own hands for beauty and health - the best recipe
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Homemade coconut oil recipe

Making your own coconut oil at home is easy.

What do you need to make your own coconut oil?

  • One or two coconuts (the first time you can take one nut). Be sure to pay attention that the coconuts are even and strong, so that they are sufficiently filled with milk (shake the coconut and listen to see if the liquid gurgles inside).
  • Water (it is best to use a spring, and not from the tap).
  • We also need to make coconut oil tableware – any will do, except plastic.

Cooking natural coconut oil:

  1. Pierce the coconuts and remove the milk. We don’t need it, so you can safely use it in cooking or just drink it – it is not only very useful, but also amazingly tasty.
  2. The coconut must be chopped. This work is not easy, so, if possible, involve the male part of the family in this stage of preparing coconut oil at home. It is better to split the coconut with a hammer, ax or something similar, after wrapping the coconut with a towel.
  3. Peel the flesh from the shell. You can skip this step, especially if the nut crumbles heavily during the cracking process. Firstly, it is not so easy to peel small crumbs from the shell, and secondly, and most importantly, the coconut shell, like the pulp, contains many healthy substances.
  4. Chop the coconut. If you are making your own coconut oil from the peeled pulp, you can use a blender. You can add water (just a little so that the coconut does not stick to the sides of the container). If the coconut is used with the shell, it is better to use the chopper of the combine (but not the coffee grinder), since the shell is very hard. In extreme cases, for lack of technology, you can grate the coconut.
  5. Transfer the resulting shavings to a saucepan, pour hot water, which should cover the coconut mass by about two fingers thickness. Leave the saucepan to cool for several hours (but not less than two) at room temperature.
  6. After cooling down, you need to put the pan in the refrigerator. for ten to twelve hours. You can start preparing the mixture in the evening and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

And then in the morning we will get coconut oil, which, when it floats to the surface, solidifies.

How to get coconut oil to the right condition?

  1. Now you need to collect the oil in a small container. (any – earthenware, metal, but not in any way plastic) and place in a water bath.
  2. Keep in a water bath it takes so long until the collected oil turns into a liquid. Important: you cannot bring to a boil!
  3. Strain the resulting oilto remove any remaining chips.

That’s it, our oil is ready! Pour the coconut oil into a glass container.

It can only be stored for two weeks, and strictly in the cold.: on the balcony (in winter) or in the refrigerator.

Video recipe for making coconut oil at home

How to use homemade coconut oil

Today, only the lazy is not talking about the beneficial qualities of coconut oil.

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It is used as a cosmetic (for body and face skin care, as a hair mask), for massage, anti-cellulite wraps, as a prophylaxis for strengthening the skin of the abdomen and chest during pregnancy, as well as for skin care for postpartum stretch marks …

Coconut oil goes well with jojoba, orange, rosemary oil; for wraps, you can mix coconut oil with white clay.

For hair, it is good to use coconut oil, either pure or mixed with yogurt or low-fat milk, depending on your hair type.

Video: Why is coconut oil useful?

How can you apply the coconut flakes and water left over from the preparation of coconut oil?

But not only the oil itself is useful, but also coconut flakes, as well as water left over from soaking the chips – they can also be used effectively and profitably.

Coconut water can be used:

  • As a body lotion after a shower or bath.
  • Like a morning cleanser.
  • Freeze and use for facial skin care.
  • As a hair mask: spray hair 20 minutes before shampooing.

Important: You can store coconut water for no more than a week!

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Application of coconut flakes

  • In cooking: make coconut cookies.
  • As a cosmetic product: as a body scrub It is very easy to prepare a body scrub using coconut. You need to mix sea salt and coconut. It is better to select the proportions individually, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

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