Poor People’s Habits – How to Mark Better Thinking?

Many believe poverty is destiny. And it is almost impossible to change your financial situation. However, psychologists say that we make ourselves poor. And the reason for this is habits, which, as you know, are second nature. What are the habits that make a woman poor? Let’s try to find the answer to this question!

Poor Women's Habits1

1. Saving on yourself

Have you given up buying high-quality shoes to save a couple of thousand rubles? Do you buy only cheap cosmetics? Don’t you change your wardrobe for years? This means that you have the thinking of a poor man. It is better to save to buy a quality item than to spend money on the cheapest clothes and shoes. The things that you surround yourself with shape your thinking in many ways. Try to get used to the good; this will help you understand that you deserve a better life.

2. Lack of self-confidence

If you are used to thinking that you simply cannot earn a lot, you should reconsider your thinking. Browse the vacancies that suit you, set a goal to increase your income to a certain amount.

And the main thing – believe that you can achieve what you want!

Study the experiences of other people who have achieved a lot in life, try to use their ideas, and you will understand that in order to become rich, you do not need to have supernatural abilities. Self-confidence and the ability to actively act in any situation, even the most hopeless at first glance, are quite enough.

Lack of self-confidence

3. Envy

Poor women tend to be jealous of those better off than they are. A lot of strength and energy is wasted on envy, which can be used in a more positive direction.

Not worth it thinking that someone else has unfairly gotten more than you. Better think about how to make your life better!

4. The habit of buying the cheapest

They say that the miser pays twice. And people with low incomes often spend huge sums on all kinds of sales, buying unnecessary items just because they were on sale at a big discount. Shopping should be done more deliberately. It is better to get a more expensive item, knowing that you will definitely use it.

Learn to resist the trick of marketers… Before putting a discounted item in your basket, consider whether you will actually wear it.

There is a simple trick: Imagine how many times you wear a discounted sweater or trousers. If you understand that you will wear a thing a couple of times, then the investment cannot be called profitable. If the thing is expensive, but you will use it often, then the purchase will completely “work out” your money.

Buy expensive things

5. The habit of feeling sorry for yourself

Low-income people often waste time feeling sorry for themselves. It seems to them that they are undeservedly deprived and circumstances have developed in such a way that they do not allow them to achieve a high level of income.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself: you have a chance to change your life for the better if you don’t spend your energy on pity for yourself!

6. Panic in the absence of money

Poor women tend to panic as soon as money runs out. Wealthy people have a more relaxed attitude towards money: they always know that they will earn their living, so they are able to evaluate the options for earning that are available at the moment.

Look for alternative ways to earn extra money and save a small amount from each salary: this will help you to calmly look into the future and live with the thought that you will not be left without daily bread even in the most critical situation.

7. The habit of doing things you don’t like

They say that if you do what you love, then work will bring not only money, but also pleasure. Poor people hold on to unloved jobs and are afraid of being laid off, believing that they will literally starve to death without a source of even a small but stable income.

Unloved job

However, it is worth reconsidering your views and trying to find a business that will not take all your strength and bring a little money, which you can hardly live on for a month. Life is only given once. Does it make sense to spend it on earning a tiny salary in a job you hate?

Look for options and be brave, and sooner or later fate will definitely smile at you!

Think about what you are really good at doing. It is possible that this business will become a source of stable income, which will make you forget about saving.

They say that we ourselves program ourselves for poverty. Try to reconsider your views, and soon you will notice that life gradually began to change for the better!

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