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Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia design fame has created an environment that is truly unforgettable when one steps foot in her Manhattan office, from checkerboard floors to mirrors which create optical illusions – this workspace is truly an aesthetic feast.

Bendet personifies girl power, working alongside respected C-suite executives such as Bozoma Saint John to develop initiatives such as Share the Mic – a program to amplify women’s voices on Instagram – as well as her highly successful fashion line and real estate investments that have significantly added to her net worth.

Early Life and Education

Stacey Bendet has created an empire in fashion through her intricate yet feminine designs. As CEO and creative director of alice + olivia, which she established in 2002 with the intention of crafting “the ideal pair of pants”, alice + olivia has evolved into a contemporary lifestyle brand offering apparel, gowns, shoes, handbags and other accessories.

Bendet has made it her mission to promote women through her girl-power aesthetic and motto, “Empowered women, empower women.” Recently she returned to Penn Fashion Week – which features industry panels and lectures as well as student fashion shows produced by students – to share her journey and secrets of success with students at Penn. This event is hosted by Baker Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Pennsylvania.

Professional Career

Fashion designer Stacey Bendet is the creator of Alice + Olivia brand, known for their playful yet sophisticated styles that have quickly become beloved worldwide.

Bendet Fashion Studio boasts an expansive line of ready-to-wear clothing, gowns, shoes and handbags designed by Bendet that reflect her aesthetic and its success has strengthened her personal brand and established her in the media as a regular source.

Bendet is both a philanthropist and activist, supporting causes like Share the Mic – founded alongside C-suite executives including Bozoma Saint John to empower Black women through Instagram takeovers – as well as being an avid yogi who appreciates vintage stores, flea markets, travel, vintage clothing shopping and spending time with her husband Eric Eisner and daughters Eloise Breckenridge Eisner, Scarlet Haven Eisner and Athena Belle Eisner.

Achievement and Honors

Stacey Bendet C’99 has established Alice + Olivia as a prominent contemporary price label within an incredibly competitive fashion industry. Boasting celebrity endorsements and an established brand valuation, Stacey’s womens clothing line provides her with an income stream.

Bendet launched her label in 2002, initially offering boutique sales of her signature sleeveless blazers and novelty pants in various locations nationwide. Since then, Bendet has expanded her selection to encompass career wear as well as accessories.

As a wife and mother of three, she prioritizes supporting charities that empower women as both a personal and professional priority. She sits on the board of trustees of New York-based Baby Buggy as well as Ronald McDonald House; both initiatives boost her public image and brand value.

Personal Life

Stacey Bendet’s creative prowess and entrepreneurial savvy have helped shape the fashion landscape. Her brand Alice + Olivia has become renowned worldwide for its playful designs and uplifting ethos.

Bendet has grown its product offerings over time to include eveningwear, “To Work” and AIR lines, footwear and accessories – contributing significantly to sales growth and brand valuation, ultimately increasing net worth.

Bendet is a successful fashion entrepreneur as well as an active philanthropist, supporting initiatives dedicated to empowering women and children. Additionally, she serves on the Baker Retailing Center of her alma mater’s Wharton School of Business’s Advisory Board; is an avid yogi; married with three daughters living in New York City with them all.

Net Worth

Bendet has amassed her net worth through several streams of income. These include real estate investments, endorsement deals and charitable efforts – each contributing to her overall wealth.

Stacey Bendet, founder and creative director of contemporary brand Alice + Olivia founded in 2002, designs clothes characterized by feminine aesthetic and empowerment ethos.

Since its debut, Bendet’s brand has expanded into a full lifestyle collection consisting of ready-to-wear garments, gowns, shoes and accessories aimed at providing comfort. Celebrities including Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gigi Hadid have shown great appreciation for her designs, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow favoring it over traditional runway shows at New York Fashion Week as it better matches her brand’s mission of creating energy through atmosphere-making and vibrancy. She has also adopted New York Fashion Week over traditional runway shows as it better suits her brand’s goal of creating atmosphere and energy from within her designs that more accurately presents her brand’s focus of creating vibes within her designs while creating energy through exhibition.

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