Style and shine: disassembling Oksana Samoilova’s wardrobe

Oksana Samoilova, one of the sexiest people in the domestic show business, a fashion model and the wife of rapper Dzhigan, loves to show off her flawless figure and striking appearance. She loves to show off her beauty with matching outfits on social media and at events. How to combine style, femininity and provocation – we study on the example of Oksana’s wardrobe.

“Under Kim”

pod kim

Oksana is often compared to the Hollywood diva Kim Kardashian: both beauties have attractive feminine curves and scorching sultry beauty, both are wives of rappers and mothers with many children, and both have a decent army of Instagram fans. The style of the stars is also very similar, Oksana herself once admitted that she sometimes copies the images of her American colleague.

Both ladies have a clear love of outfits that focus on shapes: tight-fitting dresses, deep neckline, bodysuits, crop tops. However, if Kim Kardashian in recent years prefers the length of the midi, then our compatriot chooses a daring mini, revealing long legs.

Oksana also loves transparent fabrics that create provocative images. For example, at the MUZ-TV 2017 awards, she appeared in a black dress to the floor made of translucent fabric, decorated with a scattering of rhinestones.

Leather and predatory prints

leather dress

Not only tight-fitting styles and transparent textures help Oksana to create the image of a hot girl, but also leather goods that look very impressive on the model. A beige biker jacket, tight trousers or an asymmetrical mini dress – in one form or another, leather is appropriate almost everywhere.

Oksana also loves “animal” prints that add a spice to the image. Her favorite combination: a catchy leopard print, coupled with a strict black balancing it – a stylish and successful combination.



What a star without brilliance &! And Oksana, as a true admirer of glamor and luxury, cannot be imagined at events without shining spectacular dresses. When she goes out, the rapper’s wife tries on both mini and maxi lengths, and both options suit her perfectly.

Romantic dresses

Oksana Samoilova

Despite Oksana’s love for provocative and daring looks, she often chooses delicate, feminine dresses in a romantic style with a floral or pea print. It should be noted that such images adorn the star very much and suit her no less than sexy bows.

Sport chic

Sport chic

Like Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian, Oksana Samoilova has a soft spot for sport-chic style and often shows bold looks on her Instagram page. The star’s clear favorites are black bicycles, which she mixes with crop tops, jackets, T-shirts and sneakers. And also Oksana can be seen in tight sports leotards, micro-shorts, overalls.

Business style

Business style

In the wardrobe of Oksana Samoilova there is a place for business suits, however, the star likes to dilute the strict classical images with bright and feminine details, and prefers liberation and courage to closeness and conservatism.

An original solution in a business style – shorts instead of trousers, complemented by a classic jacket and a lace top or bra. A very good idea, because Oksana is a happy owner of long slender legs and a chiseled figure. Take note!

Once Oksana Samoilova was one of the models of Maxim and Playboy magazines, and today she is a successful business woman, an exemplary mother and wife. Not only Oksana herself has changed, her wardrobe has also evolved. Today, the star can bravely boast of her style, which successfully combines modern trends, individuality and femininity. A perfect example for both modern business ladies and mothers who want to look fashionable and attractive.

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