Stylish jeans from old jeans – 12 best jeans rework ideas

Trendy denim alterations, or new jeans from oldEvery second girl experiments with things from the wardrobe. Especially if things are already old, unfashionable and require either taking out to the trash heap or urgent improvement. The second option is definitely preferable.

Surely you have a stack of jeans lying around in the far corner of the dresser, which is a pity to throw away.

We will show you how to make them relevant and fashionable again!

Who are they going to and how to wear high-waisted jeans?

Ripped or frayed jeans

What you need: your old jeans, a ripper (razor or knife), soap, and a small metal grater with garlic holes.

  • Choosing a place for future “scuffs” on jeans.
  • Carefully use this area “horizontally” with three floats. We act as carefully as possible if the desired result is just a scuff, and not a gaping hole. The grater should only remove the top layer of thread.

Ripped or frayed jeans

For the “leaky” effect:

  • We lay out the jeans on the table and mark strips for future holes with a remnant (maybe small).
  • We carry out cuts “horizontally” using a ripper or scissors.
  • We pull out several threads along the edges of the holes to make the jeans “worn” feel (approx. – or we wash them in a machine so that the threads stretch themselves) – we create shaggy of our chaotic holes.
  • We make cuts based on our wishes – in several sections or along the entire length of the leg (pant leg).
  • If desired, you can arrange the resulting holes in one of the following ways (lace, sequins, etc.).

So that the created “gaps” do not creep away completely and spoil the presentation, you should sew a piece of guipure to them from the inside out.

Bright colored jeans-space – we dye according to the instructions

For this masterpiece you need: dark jeans, a toothbrush, acrylic paint for fabrics of the desired colors, a sponge, a spray bottle, a solution of bleach with water (2: 1), a container for mixing paints.

  • Spread the jeans over the plastic on the floor.
  • Spray the bleach solution poured into a spray bottle in different areas – not abundantly, but slightly and gently. We are waiting for the appearance of orange spots. For their intensity, you can splash one more time.
  • Next, mix the first portion of acrylic paints and gently apply it with a sponge around our orange spots. Experimenting with colors! That is, we rinse the sponge from time to time and take a different color.
  • Separate areas are highlighted with white paint.
  • We paint the stars in our denim “galaxies” with a brush and diluted white paint. Everything is simple here: we dip the tooth / brush into the paint, and then, using our finger, “spray” (spray) the paint into separate areas – we create clusters of stars.
  • Don’t forget the back of the jeans and the seams – they need space too. Wait until it dries completely (at least a day).

Colored jeans-space

Stylish “dumplings” – if jeans have become “boring”

You will need: old jeans, whiteness, a container (a bucket or a large saucepan, for which later mom will not tear off her hands).

  • Choosing dark jeans that are in dire need of a fashion reboot.
  • We twist our jeans tightly. Moreover, the more you twist, the less streaks will be. If you want a vertical pattern, then secure the sections of the twists with elastic bands. Clips are needed for horizontal streaks, and clothespins for “stars” in the twist areas.
  • We collect water in a container – exactly half, heat to 80 degrees (on average) and abruptly pour a full glass of whiteness into it.
  • Bring our solution to a boil, stirring constantly.
  • After boiling the “potion” we immerse the jeans completely in it. Get out? Stuff back with a ladle.
  • We wait 15 minutes, constantly stuffing jeans under the water. If the color does not want to change at all, add another half glass of the product.
  • We take it out after getting the desired shade, carry it to the bath, remove all clips / elastic bands and rinse the new jeans thoroughly.

If you are too lazy to cook jeans, mom does not give a pan or there is simply no container you need, but there is Domestos – use it. We dilute half a glass of the product in 3 liters of water, soak the twisted jeans in the same way and wait for lightening. Next, rinse and dry.


And – another way, more gentle

Alas, the pattern obtained as a result of the above method is not always pleasing. If you don’t want to get upset, you can use by the following method:

  • Sponge the desired areas on the jeans with a sponge soaked (thickly) in bleach.
  • Forget about jeans for 5 minutes (no more!).
  • If you want a gradient, you can spray more intense places with a spray bottle.
  • Then we rinse the jeans and dry them.

Decorating jeans with lace – stylish and glamorous

Today it is the most fashionable finishing option.

You will need: old jeans with very large holes (for example, jeans, on which you were too smart with holes) and lace. You can also use ordinary jeans if the decor is outdoor.

What options are there?

  • Lace, sewn on as a lining on the hole from the inside out. The denim edges around the lace patch certainly need to be tousled. White lace sticking out in the cuts of blue jeans looks very spicy.
  • Lace tape sewn around the waist or just in the front (only in the back).
  • Back pockets fully decorated with lace.
  • Flowers cut out of lace (a different pattern), sewn onto the legs as appliqués.

Decorating jeans with lace

Just don’t overdo it. The abundance of lace or its illiterate use can turn your jeans into a vulgar thing.

Decorating jeans with rhinestones and beads

What you need: rhinestones, beads, beads, your jeans.

  • We select the desired area on the jeans, look for the desired pattern and transfer it to the jeans with a chalk / pencil (pockets, sides of the legs, cuffs).
  • We select rhinestones of different sizes and glue them according to the pattern by hand.

Sequins, beads or beads will have to be sewn on. The work is more painstaking, but the result is worth it.

Decorating jeans with rhinestones and beads

If you do not know how to draw, take the drawings of tattoos as a basis (among them there are many interesting sketches of flowers, birds, etc.).

And jeans have cuffs!

Today, wide cuffs on jeans are considered the most fashionable. Although no one will stop you from making them according to your personal size and desire – you are a designer.

Having chosen the desired width, sew the jeans or simply wrap them straight outward, baste at the seams and do the decor of the received cuffs:

  • Decorate with rhinestones or beads.
  • Sew on lace.
  • We use bright strips of fabric.
  • We make a fringe.

Jeans cuffs

Stamps are not always bad

If the bear stepped not only on your ear, but also on your hands, and you can draw only with chalk on the asphalt, it doesn’t matter. Will come to the rescue stamps and stencils.

  • We take an ordinary children’s rubber stamp for creativity with the desired pattern, dip it in paint for the fabric of the desired color and stamp it for health as the soul requires.
  • If there are no children’s stamps, you can make it yourself from potatoes, an eraser, etc.
  • You can also stamp with a sponge. Just take the paint thicker and first test the stamping on an unnecessary rag so that the excess paint leaves the sponge – the drawing should turn out to be a small snowball, and not blots.

Stamps and stencils on jeans

Stencils are a good idea too.

  • We draw a pattern on cardboard, cut it out, attach it to masking tape on jeans.
  • We apply the drawing with a brush or sponge.
  • We are waiting for drying and remove the stencil.

Drawing on jeans – an option for artists

Option 1:

  • We take paints on the fabric and brush.
  • We apply the pattern with chalk, paint, wait for drying.
  • You can use fabric markers (they are even more convenient to draw with).

Drawing on jeans

Option 2:

  • We insert a cardboard into the leg to protect the other side.
  • We put lace over the desired section of the leg and attach it tightly with pins.
  • Using a sponge, a toothbrush, or point-by-hand, paint the pattern through the lace and wait for it to dry.

Option 3:

  • Cut out the desired pattern from the lace and moisten it in bleach until it is lightly damp (so that the lace does not crumble).
  • We put the lace on the leg and press it tightly for 10-30 minutes. Accordingly, the longer, the brighter the pattern.
  • Next, remove the lace and dip the jeans for a while in a solution of water and vinegar (approx. – 3: 1). After – we wash it separately in a typewriter or by hand.

Drawing on jeans with lace

Jeans turn into elegant capri pants

Everything is simple here. If you are tired of flares, or the bottoms of the legs have become completely unusable, then it’s time to cut your jeans under capri pants (or shorts).

  • We choose the desired length with a margin for cuffs.
  • Cut off along the strips marked with soap.
  • We bend the legs outward and decorate in one of the above ways (fabric, lace, beads, etc.).

Making capri jeans

Patch applications – at the height of fashion!

If you are young, daring and with golden hands, you can use appliques. They transform old jeans so much that then familiar people ask – where to buy this beauty?

There are many options – choose according to your taste or look for something of your own unique:

  • Bright rectangles of multi-colored and multi-textured fabrics, randomly sewn onto the front of the legs.
  • Appliques with colored laces.
  • Graffiti style applications.
  • Point applications in the form of hearts, letters, patches, etc.
  • Use of colored thin leather or denim of different shades.

We make applique patches on jeans

You can also sew on appliqués in different ways – from a regular stitch to a zigzag or even a “satin stitch” outline.

Embroidery on jeans – painstaking and long, but beautiful and durable

If in the talent of handicraft you can overtake even your grandmothers, and you have a full box of floss, feel free to look for the desired pattern.

  • We apply a pattern to the desired area.
  • We embroider. Better – satin stitch, it looks more spectacular. Although, you can use the cutwork technique, but in this case it is not recommended to experiment with colors – take 1 thread color slightly lighter than jeans fabric.

Jeans embroidery

If you wish, you can make voluminous flowers on jeans from threads:

  • We make loops around 2 fingers, remove the hacks and tie it in the middle with a contrasting thread.
  • Cut off the ends, fluff up our “dandelion”, sew to jeans.
  • We embroider a stem with leaves from below.

Jeans rivets – timeless fashion

First, come up with a pattern or think over the geometry along which you will “screw” the rivets. If in the process of decorating you realize what you did “wrong” and “wrong”, it will be extremely difficult to fix it.

  • We buy rivets in the store (those with “petals” from the inside out).
  • We pierce the fabric with a rivet and bend the petals. If the jeans are too thick, make mini-holes in advance.
  • The rivets will look most beneficial on side seams, pockets, belt or cuffs.

Jeans rivets

Ways to breathe new life into your old jeans – a carriage and one small cart. Based on the above, you can come up with your own techniques and create a real masterpiece.

Remember: “hand-made” is appreciated at all times! You can even organize your own hand-made business, for ideas you can look for here.

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