The meaning of the name Bogdan – character, health, career, family

All people have certain complaints. Some get them from birth, others – in the process of life. The energy of a person, his behavior, mood and even fate depend on the individual sound set.

What does the name Bogdan mean? How does it affect the events taking place in the life of its bearer? Let’s figure it out.

Bogdana name meaning

Origin and meaning

The name in question is a derivative of the male criticism Bogdan, which has a direct meaning – sent by God. It is believed that a person named so is always patronized by Heaven.
This name has an Old Church Slavonic meaning. In colloquial speech, it was transferred from the biblical semantic way. Nevertheless, in modern Orthodoxy, there is no church form of this female censure.

Its bearer possesses a set of inspiring qualities, including:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Strength of mind.
  • Creation.
  • Developed intuition.

Bogdan’s woman is strong and mysterious. She never loses faith in herself, as she intuitively feels the most powerful non-material protection. She emits a strong but pleasant energy. She is ready to charge her desperate people, so those around her often turn to her for help.

Diminutive forms: Danya, Bogdasha, Dana, etc.

Interesting! Many parents call Bogdana their long-awaited daughter, as they perceive the fact of her birth as a gift from heaven.

The meaning of the name Bogdan


The strong energy that this name emits directly affects the formation of masculine character traits in its bearer, that is, those that are characteristic of men. Among them: decisiveness, perseverance, fortitude, fearlessness and prudence.

However, Bogdana is very feminine. She is characterized by: subtlety, sensuality, solicitude, tenderness and frankness. This woman harmoniously combines male and female character traits. She is strong and at the same time vulnerable.

At a young age, the girl Dana is very mobile and emotional. Family gatherings seem boring to her, so when a lot of people gather in the house, she seeks to retire to entertain herself, for example, by playing with dolls.

At the age of 5-12, baby Bogdana happily spends time with her peers. She likes to play catch-up, hide and seek, etc. But, as she grows up, she filters out some of her friends, leaving those closest to her.

Important! Young Dana’s parents almost never have difficulties associated with her upbringing. The girl is distinguished by obedience, therefore, she meets the expectations of others.

Astrologers believe that Bogdan’s appearance and character will always inherit his father’s. The young bearer of this name is responsive, prone to compassion. She takes the difficulties and experiences of other people to heart.

Bogdana the meaning of the name character and destiny

Up to 18-20 years old it is active. Likes to take part in social activities: organizes events in educational institutions, helps charities, distributes leaflets on the street in support of social actions, etc. However, closer to 25 years, her character changes significantly. Bogdana becomes more firm and self-centered. For her, the problems of society recede into the background.

A girl with that name has a special gift – to make the right decisions even in the most confusing situations. She is distinguished by prudence and foresight. These qualities, combined with tremendous intuition, can make Bogdana a seer. But, according to esotericists, in order for her to develop the ability to feel the energy of the world, she needs to engage in meditation and spiritual practices for a long time.

In the energy of Dana, one can feel tenderness, kindness. She is an open and positive person with whom it is pleasant to communicate.

Marriage and family

The bearer of this name is monogamous, in other words, she is a monogamous woman. Keeps the memory of his first love in his heart for a long time.

He is indifferent to the majority of his first admirers, but, having met “the one”, he gives himself up to love without a trace. He does not accept intimacy without love, therefore, it is extremely rare that he begins to live a sexual life until 18-20 years old.

Bogdana name meaning family

Dana makes rather serious demands on her future spouse. First, it is extremely important for her that he be monogamous, like herself, that is, ignore other women, especially in her presence. Secondly, he must be like her.

The bearer of this name believes that a happy marriage is possible only between those partners who look in the same direction, that is, they have similar opinions on important life issues.

Thirdly, Bogdana’s husband must always support her. In return, she is ready to endow him with her kindness, affection and tenderness. Such a woman never skimps on emotions, especially in bed. The developed sensuality of the bearer of this name is very much liked by her husband.
If she liked a guy, she will not be afraid to meet him first, she believes that she needs to fight for the blessings of life (including a successful marriage).

As a wife – a model of fidelity. Treason considers it a terrible sin and will never forgive her to her husband. She loves children very much, she is ready to sacrifice time, career and any of her interests for their sake.

Work and career

Bogdana is a diligent performer and organizer. If there is an interest in his activity, he can reach heights in it and significantly succeed.

Bogdana name meaning career

Professions that are suitable for the bearer of this name:

  • Journalist.
  • Editor.
  • Educator.
  • Sociologist.
  • Writer.
  • Seamstress or fashion designer.
  • Sportswoman.

At work, Dana is appreciated and loved. She is considered the soul of the work collective.

Important! The bearer of this name adores animals, so a good veterinarian will come out of her.

But that’s not all. Young and ambitious, Dana is distinguished by responsibility and a strong social position. That is why she can become a politician and even an ideological inspirer.


It cannot be said that Bogdana has excellent health. In early childhood, she is susceptible to almost all diseases of the nasopharynx: angina, laryngitis, acute respiratory viral infections, etc. In order not to get sick in her youth, she should regularly play sports, for example, swimming. Systematic sports loads will help Dana to strengthen the immune system and improve her figure.

Bogdana the meaning of the name health

Also, to maintain health, a woman with this name should drink plenty of fluids and eat more fortified foods.

Do you fit our description, Bogdany? Share your answers in the comments.

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