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Girl singing a songBeautiful vocals have a truly mesmerizing effect on listeners. Apparently, this is why many of us dreamed of conquering the big stage in childhood, becoming singers and singers. Such dreams are especially characteristic of girls who imagine themselves standing in a luxurious dress at a microphone, in the bright light of spotlights. Tell me what can be more mesmerizing than this brilliant picture: you, beautiful and famous, are standing on a high stage, and at your slender legs is a hall that has become silent with admiration.

With age, as we grow older, our dreams change, and completely different thoughts occupy our heads. But this is not the case with everyone. We propose to talk about women who could not give up the dream of a high stage, a microphone and enthusiastic shouts: “Bravo!” We will tell you about the singers whom nature has awarded with unique links and a unique voice.

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Ima Sumak (1922 – 2008)

Peruvian Imu Sumac can rightfully be considered the true record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. The fact is that the girl was born into a very poor family and had no opportunity to learn musical notation and vocals. Despite the difficult conditions of childhood and adolescence, Ima loved to sing: singing saved her, helping her to endure all the hardships of life.

Ima Sumak

Having matured, Sumak independently mastered the basics of musical notation. She confessed that she learned to sing not from people, but from forest birds, whose trills the girl listened to and reproduced exactly. It was not difficult for her to do this: Ima had perfect pitch.

This is incredible! The fruit of such “bird” lessons was a unique result: the girl learned to sing in the range of five octaves. In addition, Sumak had another amazing vocal talent: she sang with two voices at the same time.

Modern doctors – phoniatrics admire such abilities, believing that the singer possessed such extraordinary abilities due to the unique device of the vocal cords.

Ima was distinguished by her virtuoso ability to make an unusually beautiful transition from the lowest tones to the highest. It is not for nothing that Diva Plavalaguna’s aria from Luc Besson’s film “The Fifth Element” is attributed by many vocal specialists to Ime Bags.

The lack of an academic musical education did not stop Amy Bags from becoming one of the greatest singers in the world.

Video: Ima Sumac – Gopher Mambo

Georgia Brown (1933 – 1992)

A Latin American singer named Georgia Brown had a unique gift: she could easily hit the highest note.

Georgia Brown

Georgia has been a passionate jazz fan since early childhood. Her real name is Lillian, and she decided to borrow her pseudonym from the name of a musical composition known in the mid-twenties called “Sweet Georgia Brown”, performed by the Ben Bernie Orchestra.

This is incredible! The songs performed by the singer reached ultrasound. Her vocal cords were unique and allowed to take notes that can be found only in a number of representatives of the animal world. The voice of Georgia was honored to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest voice in the world.

Video: Georgia Brown

Lyudmila Zykina (1929 – 2009)

It is difficult to find in Russia, and in the world, a person who would not know the name of Lyudmila Zykina.

The singer could boast of a harsh life school, which she had to go through before getting on stage. She mastered many professions far from music: she worked as a turner, nurse and seamstress. And when, at the age of eighteen, she came to audition for the famous Pyatnitsky choir, she easily bypassed 500 competitors.

Lyudmila Zykina

A funny story is connected with admission to the choir. Lyudmila got there absolutely by accident: when she saw the announcement in 1947 about the beginning of recruitment to the choir, she argued for five servings of chocolate ice cream what would come.

At the age of 21, the girl lost her adored mother, whose spiritual connection was incredibly strong. From despair and grief, the singer lost her voice and was forced to leave the stage, going to work in a publishing house. Fortunately, a year later, the voice was fully restored and Zykina was accepted into the Russian song choir at the House of Radio.

This is incredible! Zykina’s voice, with age, did not age, but became even more powerful and deeper. This fact completely contradicted the medical claims that over the years the vocal cords lose elasticity and lose the ability to sound in their usual range and register. The phoniatrics admitted that Zykina’s ligaments were not subject to any age-related changes.

The singer’s voice was recognized as the best in the USSR, and 2,000 of her songs received the status of national treasure.

Video: Lyudmila Zykina – concert

Nina Simone (1933 – 2003)

Do you know which voices are considered the sexiest and most exciting voices from a scientific point of view? Low voices have these characteristics. This is the voice of the legendary American singer Nina Simone.

Nina was born in North Carolina, in a very poor family, and was the sixth child in a row. She learned to play the piano at the age of three, and at the age of six, to earn some money and help her parents, she began to sing in a local church for donations.

Nina Simone

At one of these concerts, an unpleasant but significant incident occurred: her mother and father, who were sitting in the front row, were forced to stand up to give up their seats to white-skinned people. Seeing this, Nina fell silent and refused to sing until her parents could return to their original places.

This is incredible! Nina Simone was a true musical prodigy with perfect pitch and a unique musical memory. During her singing career, Nina has released 175 albums and managed to perform more than 350 songs.

Simone was not only an amazing singer with a mesmerizing voice, but also a talented pianist, composer and arranger. Her favorite performing style was jazz, but, at the same time, she perfectly performed blues, soul and pop music.

Video: Nina Simone – Sinnerman


The great singer Mantserrat Caballe, in one of her many interviews, once said: “You should sing only when you cannot help singing. You should sing only when you have two options: either die or sing. “

The women we have told you about in this article could say the same thing, but in different words. Of course, there are much more singers with amazing voices, and their fates deserve the most close attention and respect.

We told about only four unique singers, hoping, in the future, to continue our story. But, if, after reading this article, you wanted to hear their amazing voices, it means that we tried not in vain!

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