Vacuum abortion – mini abortion, its stages and possible complications

Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion) is performed within 6 weeksAccording to the WHO (World Health Organization), mini-abortion or vacuum abortion (this is the same thing) is carried out up to 12 weeks of gestation, and more qualified specialists – up to 15 weeks with an instrument of the required size.

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Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion) is performed within 6 weeks
Mini abortion procedure

How the procedure works

The mini-abortion process consists in removing the embryo from the uterus with a vacuum suction – an aspirator.


  1. The gynecologist determines the gestational age based on the results of an ultrasound scan (vaginal examination). The doctor must make sure that the pregnancy is not ectopic.
  2. Tests are carried out to detect infection: the presence of infection and inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs can complicate the condition of a woman after an abortion. And therefore they are a contraindication to mini-abortion.
  3. The patient is introduced to the information sheet, and she must also sign the relevant documents.
  4. The patient is given local anesthesia. If desired, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia.
  5. A special catheter is inserted into the uterus through the canal, in some cases using cervical dilators. With the help of a catheter, negative pressure is created in the uterine cavity. The fetal egg, under the influence of negative pressure, is separated from the wall and taken out.

A mini-abortion is performed under the supervision of an ultrasound machine so that the doctor can see where the ovum is located. The procedure takes 5-7 minutes.

Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion) is performed within 6 weeks
First stage
Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion) is performed within 6 weeks
Second phase
Mini-abortion (vacuum abortion) is performed within 6 weeks
Third stage

What happens after?

  • After the procedure, the woman should lie down for about half an hour, and if the procedure was carried out under general anesthesia – several hours;
  • After 2 weeks, it is necessary to do a control ultrasound;
  • After the operation, you must refrain from sexual intercourse for a period of 3 weeks;
  • The menstrual cycle after a mini-abortion is restored on average after 1.5 months;
  • And, of course, let’s not forget that the psychological state of a woman is restored on an individual basis (someone needs several months, and someone – several years).

Consequences and complications

When carrying out a mini abortion, complications are not excluded.

  • Possible complications of anesthesia:

Any kind of pain relief, even local, is associated with some risk. The consequences of anesthesia can be accompanied by problems with breathing, liver function or cardiovascular system. A particularly dangerous complication after anesthesia is allergic (anaphylactic) shock – an allergic reaction characterized by rapidly developing manifestations: a decrease in blood pressure and body temperature, etc. This condition is unsafe and can be fatal.

  • Hormonal:

Hormonal disorders, the consequences of which lead to dysregulation of the entire reproductive system, ovarian dysfunction, infertility.

  • Injuries to the muscles of the cervix:

Conducting a mini-abortion during the first pregnancy, when the cervical canal is very narrow, since it did not expand during childbirth, injuries to the muscles of the cervix are possible.

  • Bleeding:

During the operation, large vessels can be affected, which will lead to profuse blood loss. And such consequences must be eliminated surgically, and in some cases it becomes necessary to remove the uterus.

  • Incomplete abortion:

It is very dangerous, the remains of the ovum can cause infection of the uterus up to the development of sepsis and infectious-toxic shock.

What they say on the forums:


Today I had a vacuum abortion. There were several reasons: I drank Postinor, but apparently the pills did not work. I have a baby in my arms, and lately there have been strong discharge and the threat of miscarriage. In general, I decided not to wait for all this to happen, hospitals, cleaning, and went for it. At 11.55 I went into the office, at 12.05 I already wrote my mother a message that everything is in order. It was unpleasant and scary, but bearable. I didn’t feel much pain. The only thing that I could hardly bear was when they disinfected with alcohol – it stung terribly. Probably, teeth hurt more. I lay down for 10 minutes and went to the store, and then got behind the wheel and drove home. Nothing hurts. True, you have to drink a lot of antibiotics. I am not promoting this operation in any way, anything can happen in life. Any woman who has gone through this will agree with me.


I had a mini abortion at the age of 19 for a period of 3.5 weeks.

And the operation was performed under general anesthesia, from which I did not go well. Although maybe everyone has their own reaction. I would not recommend general anesthesia to anyone if it is possible to anesthetize locally, no matter how painful it may be. General anesthesia is worse anyway.

It was very painful after the anesthesia was gone. After a few hours, it became easier, like severe pain during menstruation, approximately. After about 12 hours it had completely passed. I was not anesthetized with anything, so I endured it. I suffered more psychologically.


I usually don’t post on forums or in the comments, but I decided to write here. I had 2 abortions: one abortion at the age of 19, and the second at 20. Because I studied, because I was walking, because my mother said so … At the age of 8 it was all forgotten, and then … I was going to give birth. I buried two children (intrauterine death at a long time), and now I cry every day. And I don’t know what to do. There are a lot of girls who have abortions and then give birth to healthy babies. But still, think before deciding on this.


Girls, take your time! My gynecologist told me that she did not see a single woman who regretted giving birth. And I saw a thousand who regretted having an abortion.

If you need advice, please call 8-800-200-05-07 (abortion helpline, toll-free from any region), or visit the website, or the site

And also you can go to the page ( and find out the helpline or contact details of the nearest Maternity Support Center.

Share your experience or opinion about the mini abortion procedure! Your opinion is important to us!

The site administration is against abortion and does not promote it. This article is provided for information only. Any intervention in human health is possible only under the supervision of your doctor.

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