what you saw first – will tell you almost everything about you

Hermann Rorschach, the creator of the popular inkblot tests, reasonably argued that the objects that a person sees in the picture quite accurately reveal his character and personality traits.

Abstract images can tell what is happening in the mind and subconscious, as well as describe some hidden features. With this quiz, you will learn something new and interesting about yourself. All that is required of you is to look at the picture and capture the first thing that you see.

  • Lips: You always see things as they are and perceive them rather superficially. You are not trying to get to the bottom and understand their hidden meaning or symbolism.
  • Trees: You have a lot of ambitions and you always want to surpass those around you. Perfectionism is inherent in you, and you are looking for benefits for yourself in any situation.
  • Roots: You are an advanced and progressive person who seeks to change adverse circumstances and even improve the world.
test 2
  • Crocodile: You are not particularly attentive to details and trifles. Plus, you are a very pragmatic person, risk averse and quite happy with your comfort zone.
  • Ship: You, on the other hand, like to poke around in details and nuances. You strive to stand out from the crowd, be creative and unique. You lack the ability to perceive the world as a whole, because you waste time on meaningless little things.
test 3
  • Two profiles: You are a scrupulous and pedantic person. You are afraid of problems and prefer to run away from them, rather than face them.
  • CandlestickA: You would rather take a long pause and think to see the whole picture. You collect information and carefully study the situation before tackling the problem.
test 4
  • Cliff: You are an optimist and extrovert who easily adapts to any changes. You know how to quickly converge with people and can not stand loneliness. Innovative ideas are constantly swarming in your head.
  • Cat: You value stability above all else. You are constantly striving for a state of psychological and emotional balance. You are also a very responsible person who never breaks your word and keeps all your promises.
  • Face: You always want to create and perceive our world as a place where new discoveries and achievements await you. You are inquisitive and have a pretty powerful intuition.
test 5
  • Couple in love: You take all your relationships extremely seriously. Your head is constantly busy with thoughts and worries about your loved ones.
  • Explosion: It is very easy for you to be frightened and even cause intense fear. You are afraid of risks and will not do anything if the result is not obvious to you. Sometimes you even have conflicts with yourself.
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