Why do men have mistresses? Find out the truth!

Marriage is not always a strong union, and even if you look at it from the outside, most marriages look like very fragile structures. At some point, something becomes wrong in the relationship and the couple no longer strive with all their might, to keep what they have, it seems rather impossible. And they try to solve their problems in a different way. One of these solutions, or rather one of the options for avoiding the problem is treason. And, as a rule, men are often the first to decide on treason.

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Why is this happening? What is a man lacking in a relationship and why do men have mistresses?

  • The novelty has disappeared in a relationship with his wife.

The most common reason for cheating. This happens due to the fact that family relationships become monotonous, they do not have the proper ardor, unpredictability, they become more of a duty, a duty. Therefore, a man wants novelty, a holiday, and not monotonous constancy. Therefore, he begins to look for relationships on the side, they excite feelings a little. Cheating is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle, especially since it gives a certain sharpness and riskiness. In this case, husbands come from mistresses inspired, this also refreshes their feelings for their wife.

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  • Falling in love with another woman

A feeling that arises very spontaneously and is not so easy to explain, or rather it defies explanation at all. Except, perhaps, one thing, if a man really fell in love with another woman, this means that the current relationship is most likely in a state of decline or deep crisis. Two people are no longer connected by anything. Falling in love may not arise when a husband and wife often quarrel, and then immediately reconcile, in such a relationship there is a certain acuteness. It comes when nothing seems to change in the relationship.

  • Finding support on the side in a mistress

A husband whose wife is just a beauty, a well-groomed, neat woman, can also cheat on her. And the problem here is that, on the one hand, a man likes to have a stunning girl next to him, but if there is no psychological contact and trust between them, then he will try with all his might to fill this void. mistress for self-affirmation. Next to a beautiful wife, they feel insecure, cannot open up and relax.

  • If a mistress contributes to an obvious benefit

For men, career is much more important than for women. Therefore, sometimes situations may well happen when a man changes the burning sensation for the sake of his own career. He may well use his enchantment in order to achieve his own goals.

  • For the sake of image (every man should have a mistress)

There is a certain category of men who, according to their status, are supposed to have a mistress. These are, as a rule, people in high positions. In such cases, it is not so much important how the wife may react to this, but rather that the mistress should be very beautiful. The presence of such a mistress emphasizes the status of a man and his taste. However, it is worth answering that this stereotype occurs in men who are not inclined to deep feelings. The opinion of others is more important to them than their own self.

Revelations of men from forums “Why does a man need a mistress?”

For us, peasants, in general, everything is smooth, we just get a thrill from life. So you do not need to wrap yourself up, but get high!

A potential wife is a person without whom it is impossible to imagine your future life, the mother of your children, etc. A lover is a person to whom you feel sympathy, sexual attraction, but you categorically exclude the prospect of a life together. Dot.

Why do men have mistresses - revelations and detailsIgor
In a mistress they are looking for something that is no longer with his wife – this, in my opinion, will not be disputed by anyone. And exactly the same with the fair half. But who specifically lacks in a spouse is individual. If you are wondering if other men and women have the same condition, the answer will be yes in many cases.

There is a good saying: a husband does not walk from a good wife … and if this happens, then it means that once the most expensive relationship has lost its “charisma” and lost its meaning .. and what to pull this boodyagu and torment himself and torment others? There are a lot of cases when a former lover turns out to be in fact a good wife and a truly close person, from whom you don’t even want to walk. There are other stories when the mistress is actually not such a good woman, and the husband returns to his wife, rethinking a lot. There are stories when that same true love comes, albeit late, but it comes, someone realizes this and finds the strength to change their life 360 ​​degrees, and someone just knocks from his wife to his mistress and back, with everyone the ensuing consequences … and then there is really nothing to remember – just “fuss” back and forth ….

And about betrayal in general: so this is someone like – someone can live with a person, knowing, or feeling falsity, “unnaturalness” of the once most expensive relationship, and someone breaks up and begins to live differently, let it be painful and difficult, not wanting to waste …. So everyone has their own reasons and one size fits all rowing is not worth it.

As I understand it, the main reason for having a mistress is the NEED FOR DISCHARGE, RELEASE OF STEAM, etc. But you can get the same relaxation through sports, hobbies, travel. I cannot understand the physiological need to go to the left if you have the same thing at hand (in terms of physiology). If the wife abstracted herself, became a stranger and this is an irreversible process – a divorce and a maiden name, and you can worry about children at a distance (I never considered a child as the reason why divorce is not possible)

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What do you think? Why do men actually have mistresses?

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