choose your magic wand and learn about your soul

What do you think your soul is filled with? Love and joy? Or pain and bitterness? Is she young and energetic or wise, old and tired? What is hidden in it, and how does it affect your personality and you in general?

We offer you a new test, and with its help you will be able to reveal the secret hidden in your soul. Choose the magic wand that you would like to possess and you will receive your answer.

Test: choose a magic wand and reveal the invisible qualities of your soul
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Test: choose a magic wand and reveal the invisible qualities of your soul

Stick 1

You are lucky because you have a lot of wonderful personality traits. All of them make you a benevolent and sympathetic person, generously sharing your love and positiveness with those around you. You have a truly golden heart and soul, full of empathy and understanding.

You always strive to make your loved ones happy, but at the same time push your own happiness into the background, believing that you can wait. Sometimes it ends with the fact that you never have time for yourself, and you completely ignore your needs.

You cannot resist the desire of your soul to help people to the maximum. You are an altruist and you do it completely selflessly, receiving nothing in return except gratitude and a smile, but you are happy from this too.

Stick 2

You are an energetic, positive person, and your character is dominated by optimism, enthusiasm and an enthusiastic outlook on the world. You infect almost everyone around you with this positive, because people are always crowding around you, eager to be your friends.

You like to cheer up and motivate those around you because you dislike sad, pessimistic people who exude negativity and toxicity. You need harmony, balance and optimism in the environment in which you move or live.

People are drawn to you because of your sharp mind, sense of humor and amazing ability to create an easy, relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. You have a young soul who enjoys life and knows how to see the beauty of our world.

Stick 3

You are a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, and you can always turn to for advice. You know how to help and guide, telling people their way. It is unusual for you to be intrusive, you do not teach anyone, but you have an amazing talent to convey your ideas and thoughts to everyone and everyone.

You also know how to communicate with people and can be the perfect friend, companion and companion. You have an analytical and logical mind, you are guided by rationalism, and therefore always find the best solutions and advice for any situation.

You are a really special and even outstanding person who helped many people and brought them out of life’s dead end, for which they are immensely grateful to you.

Wand 4

You absolutely do not strive for perfection and accept yourself as you are, with all the flaws, shortcomings and even vices. You strive to fight them, but you are not putting enough effort into it. However, you have a kind and open heart and a sensitive soul, and you value yourself and others for your individuality and originality.

You are a rather modest and unassuming person who does not demand the impossible and does not expect too much from life. You tend to be content with what you have here and now. At the same time, you are ready to share everything that you have with those who need it more.

If you know that you have helped your loved ones, you feel joy and lightness in your soul because your support and good intentions turned out to be so necessary and, most importantly, appropriate.

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