15 Most Creative Ideas for Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

A year together is a great time to take stock of certain results of a new, already established family. And, of course, a great occasion to have a party. But the format of the holiday is up to you to choose. From a feast for the whole world to a secluded romantic walk under the moonlight. There are a lot of options for celebrating. The main thing is to understand which format is more acceptable for you, and organize your family celebration in accordance with it.

Option 1. Oh, once, and again!

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasSurely your attitude to the wedding has changed over the past year. Perhaps, looking at photos from the weddings of friends and acquaintances, you realized that you wanted a different dress or a different format for yourself, or another place for celebration, and your wedding has already been and nothing in it can be changed, it would seem … But since the anniversary is approaching, then you can repeat everything again. Buy yourself new wedding dresses, gather friends, go to a wedding decorated country house. Why not!

Well, if you are satisfied with the format of your wedding, then you can repeat everything in the same way as it was a year ago.

Option 2. Lovestory of a lifetime

What do you think about the lovestory photo shoot? Who does not like beautiful photographs, especially those in which you yourself are captured. And the wedding anniversary is a great reason to arrange a photo session for your beloved family. Moreover, there are many variations on the theme. It all depends on the imagination and professionalism of the photographer and, of course, your own wishes and preferences.

Option 3. Dinner party.

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasIf you want to share the holiday with friends and family, why not throw a small party? You can thematically decorate your apartment with beautiful wedding tinsel, candles, lanterns. Pick up your favorite music, arrange dancing until you drop. And of course, capture all this in a photo. You can also make an album with photos of the year of your life together and ask your friends to leave feedback about your family in it.

Option 4. First date.

What was your first real date? And why not repeat it. Have dinner at your favorite cafe where your current husband invited you for the first time. Take a walk in the park, remembering how your relationship began.

Option 5. Family is extreme.

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasUndoubtedly, getting married you took a certain risk, because who knows how it will all turn out after you became one family. But now you have been together for a year and the flight is going well. So why not take a chance and celebrate this date extreme. Having made the first parachute jump together, going on a kayak trip. There is no limit to imagination.

Option 6. Picnic in nature

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasIf you cannot celebrate the date properly and you are held back by business, work, and accumulated housework, then this is a good reason to arrange at least a small holiday, go out of town and have a festive dinner. It won’t take much time, but you will rest, get some fresh air and get back to business with renewed vigor.

Option 7. Dreams Come True

Surely you have a joint dream that you have not yet had time to fulfill. So why not do it for your wedding anniversary? This will be a very unusual way to celebrate the holiday and will give you the opportunity to make room for a new dream together.

Option 8. A year has passed. It’s time for a change of scenery.

This, of course, does not mean that you should celebrate your wedding anniversary by renovating your apartment or moving, although if you live in a rented apartment, then why not change the environment, it updates. But if for a whole year you have not managed to get out on a trip, then why not time such a trip to the anniversary. You can even just go for a weekend to a neighboring city, get acquainted with its sights, take a walk, eat ice cream in the park.

Option 9. We have such a tradition …

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasOr maybe you just need to get some rest? And go to the spa for joint relaxing treatments. And if you prefer a bathhouse or a sauna, then how should you steam yourself together, and how to make such a tradition in a famous film, go to the bathhouse together on your wedding anniversary.

Option 10. Marital vow

Now you have been married for a year, of course, during this time you were able to get to know each other better. And, of course, you have some wishes regarding how you would like to change your own family, something you have not yet had time to do. So why not write vows to each other and promise each other what I would very much like to do, give, what I would like to please each other, even with a little stupidity, relationships consist of little things too. They are kind of invisible, but they greatly affect the general background of your relationship.

Option 11. With a breeze!

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasHow do you feel about driving together in a car around the city at night? Moreover, you can rent a car, depending on your own preferences. Maybe you like vintage cars or have long wanted to ride a limousine, or maybe you want to ride a convertible, why not do it for your own anniversary?

Option 12. Horse ride

A great option to arrange a small horse ride in the picturesque surroundings for the anniversary. You can combine it with a subsequent picnic in nature or a festive candlelit dinner on the shore of a lake or river.

Option 13. Lucky ticket

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary?  15 creative ideasIf you are completely at a loss and both do not know how to celebrate this holiday, then why not go to the station and take two tickets for the next train. This will put you in an unfamiliar place out of the blue and will likely find adventure on such a trip.

Option 14: a mysterious date

Here one of you should take the initiative, and since men usually have problems remembering dates, you can organize everything for the fair sex. Choose a place where you would like to arrange a romantic date and come up with a couple of riddles, solving which your lover will recognize this place. Make riddles for several days to maintain intrigue and interest.

Option 15. Together at a distance

It so happens that it is on this day that one does not learn to be together, but one wants to celebrate. No problem. You can write sms to each other on this day with congratulations, even toasts for tea or coffee. This will add conviviality to your weekday.

Do you have any interesting ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Share with us!

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