Interesting children’s encyclopedias – the best books popular with children and parents

Childhood is the time when the kid wants to learn everything at once. It is important to provide him with this opportunity so that he grows up as a fully developed personality. Parents cannot always give answers to all children’s “why?”, “How?” and why?”. Therefore, encyclopedias are an important investment in a child’s future.

In this article, we will tell you about the 10 most popular encyclopedias for children of different ages.

10 most popular encyclopedias for curious kids

1. Space. Great encyclopedia

Publishing house – EKSMO, published in 2016.

One of the largest encyclopedias about space. It is designed for children over 11 years old.

All the information you need about space is presented here: from the process of preparing for a flight into space, and ending with a journey through the Universe. From this book, the child learns about the latest discoveries in the field of astronomy and the upcoming space exploration.

Space.  Great encyclopedia

In addition to interesting information and various facts, the encyclopedia is accompanied by vivid photographs and illustrations of planets, stars, space equipment and so on.

This material gives serious answers to children’s questions, allowing the kid to understand how the universe works.

2. Amazing technique. How it works. Great Illustrated Encyclopedia

Publishing house – Eksmo, year of publication – 2016. The book is designed for children 12 years and older.

If a child loves modern gadgets, present him with an encyclopedia about them, let him know how it all works. It provides answers to many questions – for example, about how touch screens work, how sound weapons work, what virtual reality is and how it works, what makes smartphones waterproof, and much more.

Amazing technique.  How it works.  Great Illustrated Encyclopedia

There is everything about artificial intelligence and the latest inventions of mankind. The world does not stand still, technologies are rapidly developing and becoming more difficult to understand.

Such material will allow you to keep up with the times and understand how advanced technologies work in everyday life.

3. Big book “Why?”

Publisher – Machaon, 2015. The recommended age is 5-8 years.

This book contains answers to hundreds of children’s “why?” 5-8 years old is the age when a baby starts asking tons of questions that even adults may not find answers to. At this age, children absorb all the information received, like a sponge, so it is very important to use this moment correctly.

Big book

Big book “Why?” will help the kid find answers to all his questions – for example, why the wind blows, why there are 7 days in a week, why the stars flicker and so on.

The material is formatted in a question-and-answer format and is accompanied by colorful pictures.

4. Entertaining physics. Tasks and puzzles

The author of the book is Yakov Perelman, the publishing house is EKSMO, the year of publication is 2016. The book can be started from the age of 7.

The encyclopedia contains many intricate tasks and puzzles. In the book, the kid will encounter everyday phenomena, considered from the side of physics.

The author answers many questions – for example, why does the sky change color during sunset? Why is the rocket taking off? Where are the wrecks located? How is fire extinguished with fire and water is boiled with boiling water? Etc. This book is fraught with a sea of ​​paradoxes and explains the inexplicable.

Entertaining physics.  Tasks and puzzles

Most kids in high school have problems with a subject like physics. This encyclopedia forms in the baby an understanding of the key principles of the operation of various mechanisms, thereby preventing the occurrence of difficulties with understanding the subject in the future.

5. Veterinarian. Children’s Academy

The author of this book is Steve Martin, publishing house – EKSMO, year of publication – 2016. It is aimed at children 6-12 years old.

This book is devoted to the study of the basics of animal anatomy. The content is divided into how many subsections: “Pet Veterinarian”, “Zoo Veterinarian”, “Rural Veterinarian” and “Veterinarian’s Suitcase”. From the book, the child learns about how to give first aid to animals, and how to deal with his younger brothers.

Vet.  Children's Academy

On each page, in addition to informative texts, colorful illustrations are presented that help to visually explain the difficult moments to the child.

This book will reveal all the intricacies of the veterinarian profession and possibly push the child to choose a future specialty.

6. A great trip to the country of Anatomy

Author – Elena Uspenskaya, publishing house – EKSMO, year of publication – 2018. The book is intended for children 5-6 years old.

The encyclopedia has two main characters – Vera and Mitya, who tell the kid about how the human body works, in simple language and with notes of humor. In addition, the book is filled with vivid illustrations, test questions and interesting problems.

A great trip to the country of Anatomy

The kid must understand how his own body works, what organs and systems are, what functions they perform. The sooner he begins to master this material, the better.

7. Animals. All the inhabitants of our planet

The author of this book is David Elderton, a scientist who works in the field of popularizing biology. Publishing house – EKSMO, year – 2016. The book is recommended for children from 8 years old.

This encyclopedia contains colorful illustrations and photographs of over 400 representatives of flora and fauna. The author tells about each animal in detail.

Animals.  All the inhabitants of our planet

In addition, the book answers many questions – for example, when is a species considered extinct? What is the principle of assigning names to species? And much more.

This encyclopedia is aimed at expanding the horizons of the child by demonstrating the animal diversity of our planet.

8. Great Encyclopedia of Reptiles

Author – Christina Wilsdon, publishing house – EKSMO. The author’s recommended age is 6-12 years.

The material from the world famous community National Geographic will plunge the kid into the fascinating world of the reptile kingdom. In addition to the main content, the encyclopedia contains a collection of interesting facts about the life of reptiles. The book will provide answers to all questions related to the existence of exotic reptiles.

Great Encyclopedia of Reptiles

Vivid photographs and illustrations accompanying the text will allow you to immerse yourself even deeper into the world of the impenetrable and wild jungle.

The encyclopedia is aimed at general development, broadening one’s horizons and exciting pastime.

9. Universal encyclopedia of primary schoolchildren

The author of this encyclopedia – Yulia Vasilyuk, publishing house – exmodetstvo, year – 2019. The book is designed for children 6-8 years old.

This encyclopedia is aimed at the all-round development of the baby. It contains those materials that the school curriculum does not imply. There are answers to various children’s questions from the field of mathematics, literature, physics, the Russian language and other subjects.

Universal encyclopedia of primary schoolchildren

The book is good for increasing children’s interest in learning, expanding their horizons and expanding their vocabulary.

10. Architect. Children’s Academy

Author – Steve Martin, Publisher – EKSMO. The material is designed for children 7-13 years old.

This book provides all the information you need to introduce you to the architectural profession in a simple manner. Everything from learning how to draw models to the basics of building mathematics can be found here. From here you can learn about the types of building materials, the specifics of the construction of bridges, office buildings, shops and other buildings that can be seen in a big city.

Architect.  Children's Academy

In addition to useful information and interesting facts, the encyclopedia is accompanied by detailed drawings, pictures and photographs. If your kid is interested in this area, this book will become an excellent foundation in the study of the profession of an architect.

The encyclopedia should be selected based on what questions the children ask. If the kid wants to know more about modern technologies, then the appropriate material must be chosen.

It is important not to miss the moment when the baby is interested in everything. If you do not give this due attention, then there is a high probability that at the age of 12-15 the child will simply have no interests, and he will experience difficulties in mastering the school curriculum.

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