Lili Reinhart taught girls the intricacies of facial care

Actress Lili Reinhart actively advises colleagues on the topic of personal care. Madeline Petsch turned to her for advice.

Both girls star in the hit TV series Riverdale. Previously, Petsch used an overly complex system. Lily, 22, helped her simplify it.

“Lily really helped me a lot,” says 24-year-old Madeline. – She taught skin care in game mode. She talked about the steps that needed to be taken. She helped me narrow things down, which is kind of funny. After all, she, like me, is simply dependent on all these jars and bottles.

Madeline Petsch
Madeline Petsch

Madeline Petsch2

Lily plays Betty Cooper on the TV series, and Madeline is her opposite named Cheryl Blossom. When there is free time, Reinhard helps her friend remove acne and get rid of blackheads. These problems, alas, are familiar to Petsch, because her character wears a thick layer of makeup.

Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart2

“I used to be very worried when I took off my makeup and washed my face three times,” Madeline adds. – But in recent months I have been using micellar water. It also helps me with baking soda when my skin gets too dry. And if it is too oily, then I use activated carbon.

Pinsch taught all this to Reinhart. She does not always pound soda and coal herself. More often purchases cosmetic products in which they are already contained.

Lili Reinhart Madeline Petsch

Lili Reinhart Madeline Petsch

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