Makeup lessons from actress Megan Fox

Megan denise foxActress Megan Fox mesmerizes with her beauty. When at the premiere of “Transformers” she appeared on the red carpet surrounded by other actors, all eyes were riveted only on her. And later this situation did not change. As if under hypnosis, people look at Megan and cannot look away. You can easily reproduce the makeup of a Hollywood beauty, because she makes it simple but effective.

Premiere of
Premiere of “Transformers”

An increasing number of celebrities are openly sharing their beauty secrets. The stars manage to evoke exclamations of admiration both on the red carpet and in everyday life. There are several tricks that Megan uses. By using them, you can achieve the same flawless and well-groomed look.

Megan Fox has won the title of the most beautiful woman many times. Fashion critics point out that she manages to do this while maintaining the most natural look. Shiny, glowing eyes have become the trademark of the actress.

Nothing prevents you from reproducing her makeup in order to enjoy the same success with men, which is accompanied by Megan. Start by looking at some of her photographs and learning how to paint her eyes in the same style.

Makeup base

Part of the magic of Fox is a quality foundation. It allows facial features to appear brighter against its background. The product masks under-eye circles and minor skin imperfections. An even complexion is the calling card of a movie star.

Meghan’s secret is that she also uses concealer for the eye area. And it is half a tone lighter than the base. But if you apply it on clean skin, you can get the effect of “clown eyes”. To avoid this, stylists taught the star to do the first application with a yellowish concealer. And only on top of it it is necessary to apply the one that is lighter than the natural skin color.


Megan Fox is very fond of using a golden shade of eyeshadow. It is perfect for bright brunettes. A golden or white type of eyeshadow is the base for the rest of the tones. It is shaded from the lash line to the very eyebrows. This is the first step in establishing emphasis, and it is very important. You cannot skip it, because it sets a framework for all eye makeup.


The smoky charcoal shade is another eye shadow that the actress adores. It perfectly emphasizes the beautiful shape of the eyes, visually enlarges them. Another preferred dark eye shadow for Meghan is a shimmery navy blue.

Fox is a fan of cat-shaped eyes. She usually draws just such outlines. Eyeliner or eyeliner is the centerpiece of her makeup. You need to apply them in one motion, it’s easier to make a straight line. At the edge of the eyes, the line should go slightly up.

If you have beautiful, curly lashes, you don’t need to curl them before applying mascara. But this tool can be useful if you want to give them a more attractive shape. You can even use false eyelashes. Meghan does it for important ceremonies. She completes the eye makeup with mascara.

The actress tweaks her eyebrows with a pencil. Their perfect curvature and straight line are an important part of the makeup. Megan always looks stunning. She knows how to profitably present every feature of her appearance.



Megan Fox is a bright brunette with luxurious eyebrows and big eyes. She rarely uses flashy eye makeup, only slightly emphasizing them with shadows.

And lips are often the main focus. For modest outings, they are also painted with flesh or pink lipstick. And for Hollywood parties, the star chooses a glossy red hue. She pre-draws the line and shape of the lips with a pencil.

Megan Fox is an amazing actress who invariably attracts the eyes of the people around her. If you can replicate her makeup, you will secure the attention of many party guests.

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