Matt Damon announced the end of the relationship on a talk show

The main condition for a successful relationship is the ability to communicate, discuss problems, listen and hear each other. Even if everything goes to parting, both partners must understand the reason that destroyed their union. Although many know this common truth, they still try to avoid conflicts and leave in English, or even send a farewell message without further ado. Actor Matt Damon broke up with his girlfriend Minnie Driver in this way. He chose the talk show format to let her know when the relationship was ending.

The beginning of the novel

matt damon

They met in 1996 on auditions for Good Will Hunting, and Minnie immediately fell in love with Matt. In an interview The Telegraph the actress admitted:

“I was blown away by his courtesy, he was sweet, smart and really charming. And I was young and fell in love with him. This is an occupational risk. “

Although Matt and Minnie never spoke openly about their relationship, they often appeared together at different events, so it was clear to everyone that the actors had an affair in full swing. However, events took an unexpected turn when Damon appeared on The Oprah Show.

The Oprah Show Confession


After winning an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has become a welcome guest on any talk show. When he came to Oprah Winfrey and she asked him about his personal life, Matt, without blinking, replied that he has no girlfriend and he is free… And this is in view of the fact that the actor has been in a relationship with Minnie Driver for over a year!

Surprised and shocked, Minnie had no idea that Damon was planning to break up with her. After all, just a month before his visit to Oprah, he appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and said with inspiration that Minnie turned his whole world upside down.

Talking about the situation to the publication Los Angeles Times in 1998, Minnie Driver stated:

“The breakup is painful anyway, but he made it public, not private, and this is so unfair. The Oprah show seemed like a good place to announce to the world that we were no longer together. Although a month earlier with David Letterman, he confessed his love to me. “

Memories of Matt’s misbehavior

Years passed, but Minnie Driver did not forget the old grudge. According to her, the success and fame that fell on them with “Good Will Hunting” was so great that it actually broke their relationship.

matt damon 2

“Suddenly, the interest in Matt and in me became insane. But then we publicly broke up, and our beautiful romance turned into dark memories, the 50-year-old actress recently said. – I wish we were friends because the filming of this movie was amazing. It is a wonderful experience and I am very proud of our work. “

However, the actress does not miss the chance to recall his act to the ex. On one occasion, Matt Damon made several ambiguous statements about the abuse of women, for which he later had to apologize. He imprudently stated:

“There’s a difference between patting the ass and child molestation. It cannot be confused. “

Many people didn’t like his comment, and especially Minnie Driver.

She tweeted:

“It’s so funny (but not surprising) that men, with all these views on the severity of sexual misconduct, are actually giving themselves away. They show that they are completely emotionally deaf and blind and, as a result, are themselves part of the problem. Men simply cannot understand what violence is on a daily basis. “

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