How to grow eyebrows after plucking?

How to grow eyebrows after pluckingSome time ago, there was a trend for thin eyebrows. But since trends regularly replace each other, now natural eyebrows are in fashion. However, the desire to grow eyebrows may appear not only under the influence of trends. Often there is a need to make the eyebrows thicker and wider in case you want to do the modeling of the eyebrows and choose the shape and thickness that suits you best.

However, those who have faced the problem of “plucked” eyebrows understand how difficult it is to grow eyebrows, because the treacherous hairs after long confrontations with the tweezers do not want to show themselves to the surface. Our advice will come to the rescue.

1. Remove the tweezers

This must be done first. Looking to grow your eyebrows? Forget about any tweezers. Even though after a while you may find that the hairs are growing, but not where you would like, you will have to come to terms with the fact that it can look a little sloppy for a while.

Perhaps it is these hairs that will play a useful service and help give the eyebrows the desired shape. If not, don’t restrict hair growth in any way.

2. Don’t do eyebrow makeup

Try avoid eyebrow makeup during the period when you will grow them.

Excess cosmetics during this period will only add unnecessary stress to the skin, which can interfere with the restoration of hair follicles. Keep the pores unobstructed throughout the period you grow your eyebrows.
Oil to grow eyebrows

3. Use oils

So, we say no to decorative cosmetics. But we turn to the care department! For example, to natural oils. Castor, burdock and even olive oil will improve the condition of the eyebrows and allow the hairs to grow quickly and thickly. You can also use coconut or argan oil.

Oils are applied on the eyebrows and leave for half an hour, after which they are washed off with a make-up remover.

4. Change your diet

Hair is of a proteinaceous nature. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that you should replenish the diet with protein products. Nuts, salmon, and eggs are especially helpful. Avocados are rich in healthy fats and vitamins and should be eaten more often as well. Drink more water and eat more vitamin C-rich fruits.

5. Increase blood circulation in the eyebrow area

To do this, regularly massage them with your fingers or special massagers.

The main thingto keep your hands and accessories clean!

Start with a special eyebrow brush and comb them daily in the desired direction. Over time, the hairs will grow the way you want them to.

Eyebrow massage

6. Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Dust, sweat and dirt can accumulate on your eyebrows during the day. All these can clog pores and interfere with hair growth, even if you are not using decorative products.

Wash your face with the foam for washing, paying particular attention to the eyebrows.

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