Statue of Aphrodite, if it were created by modern sculptors

Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter – their names are known to everyone since school, but today we will talk about the most beautiful of the goddesses. Poets praised the beauty of her face and body: delicate skin, shining eyes, golden hair. Which Greek goddess do you think fits this portrait? You may have already guessed it. Of course, this is Aphrodite – the most beautiful of the goddesses of ancient myths.

Editorial staff COlady prepared another experiment for our beloved readers: we decided to imagine what a sculpture of the goddess of love and beauty would look like today. We present the modern statues of Aphrodite, which can be compared with ancient masterpieces.

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# 1

We bring to your attention the first exposition. If sculptors depicted Aphrodite today, she would most likely look like this. A heart carved into the grunge sculpture. It’s not for nothing that Aphrodite is called the goddess of love.

the statue
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

# 2

According to legend, one of the most revered goddesses of Olympus, was born from the snow-white foam of the sea waves near the island of Cyprus. That is why we applied an effect called “water splash” in this sculpture.

Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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No. 3

And this composition is created in the style of geometric abstraction. It should be noted that many modern sculptors use this style frequently.

Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

# 4

Another abstract creation! These geometric shapes undoubtedly look unusual and interesting.

Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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# 5

And the latest example of contemporary art! We “revived” this antique sculpture with beautiful ornaments.

Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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